Paul Wurth: Revolutionizing Fuel: CO2 Conversion

Norsk e-Fuel
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Norsk e-Fuel partners with Paul Wurth (SMS group) for a cutting-edge e-Fuel plant in Norway. By integrating Axens technology, this venture converts CO2 and water into renewable aviation fuel. The innovative process includes a Reverse-Water-Gas-Shift unit, Fischer-Tropsch unit, and a Co-SOC unit for efficient, green fuel production, reflecting a vital step towards sustainable aviation.


Norsk e-Fuel, a trailblazer in renewable aviation, forges a groundbreaking partnership with Paul Wurth (a subsidiary of SMS group) to erect a pioneering e-Fuel production site in Mosjøen, Norway. This monumental collaboration integrates Axens technology, envisioning the transformation of CO2 and water into renewable synthetic fuel, primarily tailored for the aviation industry.

Engaging SMS group's subsidiary, Paul Wurth, for the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study marks a pivotal step in Norsk e-Fuel's mission. This initiative aims to harness water and CO2 as primary resources for generating renewable fuels, tailored for existing engines and infrastructures with a focus on aviation. The technological framework involves a groundbreaking amalgamation, featuring a Reverse-Water-Gas-Shift (RWGS) unit co-developed by Axens and Paul Wurth, alongside a Fischer-Tropsch unit and an upgrading unit (Gasel®), both under exclusive license of Axens.

Notably, the process incorporates a Co-SOC unit from Sunfire for commercial validation. This unique combination of Axens' pioneering technology units, optimized for maximum e-Kerosene production, signifies a remarkable innovation. Paul Wurth's innovative electrical heating system for RWGS further enhances sustainability by eliminating unnecessary fossil fuel or hydrogen burning, significantly reducing the plant's overall energy consumption.

Thomas Hansmann, CTO of SMS group, emphasizes their commitment to energy transition and highlights this collaboration as a testament to their dedication in synthetic fuels production. Jean Sentenac, CEO of Axens, expresses confidence in the joint venture's potential, emphasizing its capability to meet Europe's demanding sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production levels. Karl Hauptmeier, CEO of Norsk e-Fuel, applauds the strategic partnership with Paul Wurth and Axens, asserting their access to cutting-edge technology for swift production scale-up to meet escalating demand.

Norsk e-Fuel, founded in 2019, leads the charge in renewable aviation by pioneering sustainable fuel production from CO2 and water. With strategic investors and innovative partners, the company is on track to establish industrial-scale Power-to-Liquid production, positioning itself to deliver synthetic fuels to the aviation industry.


The collaboration between Norsk e-Fuel, Paul Wurth (SMS group), and Axens signifies a transformative leap in sustainable aviation fuel production. The innovative process, converting CO2 and water into renewable fuel, fueled by cutting-edge technology, underscores a pivotal stride toward green aviation. Norsk e-Fuel's strategic alliances and commitment to the best available technology signal a promising trajectory in delivering sustainable aviation fuels at an industrial scale.

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