Pecem Port Breaks Records: ArcelorMittal's Slab Success

PacemImage Source: Lazaro Medeiros


ArcelorMittal at Pecem Port sets new shipment records, surpassing 2.97 million metric tons of slab exports in 2023. Expectations for 2024 predict a surge beyond 3 million metric tons due to port expansions, marking robust growth for both international and Brazilian markets.


The Port of Pecem, nestled in Ceara, Brazil, witnessed a milestone as ArcelorMittal Pecem concluded 2023 with a groundbreaking achievement. Shipping an impressive 2,974,252 metric tons of slab via 81 vessels, the port soared past its previous record of 2,969,845 metric tons shipped in 2018 via 79 vessels.

The triumph of 2023 peaked on December 30, marked by the dispatch of two shipments destined for the Ports of Mobile and Paulsboro in the United States. This success signifies the port's growing significance in global trade, particularly in the steel sector.

Erick Torres, CEO of ArcelorMittal Pecem, and André Magalhâes, the commercial director of the Port of Pecem, jointly expressed their optimism for 2024. Anticipating the port's ongoing expansion, they predict the slab export volume to surpass the 3 million metric ton mark, fostering increased trade dynamics.

2023 marked ArcelorMittal Pecem's robust presence in both international and domestic markets. With an estimated export of 1.27 million metric tons of slab and a substantial sale of 1.70 million metric tons within the Brazilian market, the company has reinforced its stronghold in the industry.


The Port of Pecem's momentous achievement in 2023, facilitated by ArcelorMittal Pecem's record-breaking slab exports, underscores its pivotal role in global steel trade. The optimistic outlook for 2024, fueled by port expansions, promises a burgeoning volume of over 3 million metric tons. ArcelorMittal Pecem's significant exports both internationally and domestically in Brazil substantiate its position as a major player in the steel market, setting a promising trajectory for continued growth.

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