Philippines: Luminary Solar Metamorphosis in Steelmaking

Real Steel
Real SteelImage Source: TotalEnergies


TotalEnergies ENEOS and Real Steel Corp have teamed up to build the largest rooftop solar system in the Philippines. The 16.8 MW solar project will contain more than 22,000 modules and aims to reduce Real Steel's operational costs and carbon footprint.


TotalEnergies ENEOS, a pioneer in solar power development, has joined forces with Real Steel Corp., a steel manufacturer based in Pampanga, Philippines, to embark on an ambitious sustainability project. The partners plan to construct a 16.8-megawatt-peak rooftop solar PV system at Real Steel's manufacturing facility in the municipality of San Simon.

The new solar installation is no small feat, it's set to become the largest rooftop solar PV system in the country. Real Steel announced that more than 22,000 solar modules will be installed, signaling a major boost in renewable energy adoption in the industrial sector.

William Chen, the Chief Financial Officer of Real Steel, commented on the landmark move. "By setting up the largest rooftop solar PV system in the Philippines, we are accelerating the production of lower carbon, high-quality steel products," he said.

In terms of the division of labor and responsibility, TotalEnergies will handle the installation and ongoing maintenance of the solar PV system. Real Steel, on the other hand, will operate and own the asset, thus taking a giant leap towards reducing its operational expenses.

With a history that spans back to 1972, TotalEnergies is a veteran in developing solar-powered facilities. The company currently boasts a staggering 12 gigawatts of installed capacity across various locations like Southeast Asia, Japan, and India.

According to projections, the San Simon facility will churn out approximately 26,000 megawatt-hours of renewable electricity annually. This translates to a significant drop in Real Steel’s carbon emissions—about 12,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be curbed each year.

The partnership between TotalEnergies and Real Steel serves as an example of how industries can and should move towards greener operational practices. It's a commendable step forward in both reducing operational costs and contributing positively to the environment.


This collaborative effort between TotalEnergies and Real Steel represents a milestone in industrial sustainability in the Philippines. By leveraging solar energy, they are not only cutting down on costs but also significantly reducing carbon emissions. It's an inspiring example that sets the stage for other industries to follow.

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