Pinnacle Unveiled: Nucor's Monumental Steel Endeavor

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Nucor Corporation achieves a groundbreaking feat at the Apple Grove site, West Virginia, with the largest manufacturing investment in state history. The avant-garde sheet mill, a pinnacle of circular production, promises sustainable steel with unprecedented low embodied carbon. Partnering with SMS, the facility aims to minimize emissions using cutting-edge equipment. The ceremony, featuring a Guinness World Record shovel relay, symbolizes not only groundbreaking infrastructure but a commitment to economic development and manufacturing excellence.


In a groundbreaking event that transcends the ordinary, Nucor Corporation has etched its mark on West Virginia's landscape with the unveiling of a state-of-the-art sheet mill at the expansive 1,700-acre Apple Grove site. This colossal endeavor represents not only a manufacturing marvel but a historical investment, marking the largest of its kind in West Virginia.

The visionary sheet mill, poised to become an emblem of sustainable steel production, is designed with a circular production method. This innovation positions Nucor Steel West Virginia as a pioneer in producing sheet steel with some of the lowest embodied carbon levels globally. Leon Topalian, Chair, President, and CEO of Nucor Corporation, expresses enthusiasm about the advanced capabilities of the mill, highlighting its potential to provide customers with the cleanest and highest-quality steel products.

In a strategic alliance to minimize emissions, Nucor Corporation collaborates with SMS, a crucial partner providing cutting-edge equipment for the steelmaking plant. The roster includes two 210 short ton DC Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), two Twin Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces (LMF), two Vacuum Tank Degassers with Oxygen Blowing (VTD-OB), and seven transfer cars. The initiation of operations at the EAF is slated for Q1 2026, marking a significant leap in sustainable steel manufacturing.

The groundbreaking ceremony was not just a ceremonial affair; it embodied the spirit of achievement and collaboration. Distinguished speakers from Nucor, governmental representatives, and guests united to share their visions for the new mill. Beyond its economic impact on West Virginia, the facility carries implications for the broader landscape of manufacturing in the United States.

As a unique touch to the ceremony, the Nucor team orchestrated a Guinness World Record-worthy event—the longest shovel relay. Over 545 participants joined forces to complete a 1 km relay, setting a new record. This symbolic act not only resonates with the magnitude of the project but underlines the commitment to breaking barriers and setting new standards.

SMS, proud to be an integral part of this "record-breaking" ceremony, stands alongside Nucor Corporation as they redefine the possibilities of steel manufacturing. The partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a vision that extends beyond the confines of traditional groundbreaking events.


Nucor Corporation's monumental sheet mill at the Apple Grove site signifies more than a groundbreaking ceremony—it's a testament to innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to rewriting the narrative of steel production. The collaboration with SMS adds a layer of technological sophistication, ensuring that the facility not only meets but exceeds environmental standards. As the mill gears up for its inaugural operations, it sets the stage for a new era in steel manufacturing, where economic development and ecological responsibility go hand in hand.

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