Pinnacle Unveiled: TISCO's Unprecedented Alloy Mastery

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In a groundbreaking world premiere, TISCO introduces the widest and heaviest lanthanum-iron-chromium aluminum plate, setting new benchmarks in product width and coil weight. With unrivaled key component control and high-temperature performance, this innovation elevates TISCO's global competitiveness in chromium and aluminum series products. Its application in equipment manufacturing reinforces China's progress in related fields, marking a pivotal stride towards high-quality development.


In a historic milestone, TISCO achieves a world-first with the launch of its lanthanum-iron-chromium aluminum plate, boasting the broadest width and highest coil weight globally. This pioneering product sets new standards in key component control and high-temperature performance, positioning TISCO at the forefront of chromium and aluminum alloy innovation.

TISCO's wide lanthanum iron-chromium-aluminum plate is engineered for deep-processing applications, showcasing characteristics such as high yield, enhanced production efficiency, and consistent performance. Recognized as a cornerstone material for equipment device manufacturing in related fields, it is renowned for its high-temperature resistance and extended lifespan. Its diverse applications span industrial furnaces, food machinery, automobile transportation, household appliances, and environmental protection equipment, promising a broad market scope.

While international competitors predominantly rely on continuous casting slabs with a maximum width of 950 mm, TISCO's chromium and aluminum team achieves unparalleled success. The lanthanum-containing iron-chromium-aluminum plates reach a maximum width of 1,300 mm and an impressive unit weight of 18 tons through batch and continuous production. This technological breakthrough positions TISCO as a trailblazer, outshining the industry norm of die-casting technology with narrower strips.

Over a decade of relentless technological research and development has propelled TISCO's chromium and aluminum team to surmount over 20 key process and technical challenges. The journey has resulted in 16 applied invention patents, offering a blueprint for future high-end stainless steel products and pioneering research and development in advanced technology. TISCO's lanthanum-iron-chromium aluminum plate not only signifies a triumph in alloy innovation but also stands as a testament to the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of materials science.


TISCO's groundbreaking lanthanum-iron-chromium aluminum plate signifies more than a technical triumph—it marks a paradigm shift in the realm of alloy excellence. The world-first dimensions achieved underscore TISCO's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As this pioneering alloy finds its applications in critical industrial sectors, it not only strengthens TISCO's global standing but also propels China's equipment manufacturing into a new era of innovation and high-quality development.

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