Pioneering Carbon Neutrality: A Steel Industry Odyssey

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The World Steel Association's Breakthrough Technology Conference in Abu Dhabi featured POSCO Group Chairman Jeong-woo Choi's call for joint R&D in low-carbon steel tech. Highlighting collaborations among global steel giants, the event focused on hydrogen-based ironmaking and energy-efficient solutions. Chairman Choi emphasized collective efforts toward carbon neutrality and showcased POSCO's strides in eco-friendly steel production, eyeing 2050 carbon neutrality.


In the realm of steel innovation, the recent Breakthrough Technology Conference by the World Steel Association served as a pivotal moment. With a clarion call for collaborative advancement in low-carbon technology, the event, spearheaded by POSCO Group Chairman Jeong-woo Choi, brought together industry titans and engineering luminaries.

Chairman Choi's impassioned keynote stressed the urgency of embracing sustainable practices within the steel industry. His emphasis on unity to expedite the trajectory toward carbon neutrality echoed throughout the two-day conference, where major players like ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel converged to discuss and share groundbreaking solutions.

The event's agenda revolved around key themes: hydrogen reduction ironmaking (HyREX), enhancing energy efficiency, and harnessing new electrical technologies. These discussions painted a promising picture for a greener, more sustainable future, emphasizing the shared responsibility of global steel conglomerates.

POSCO, standing tall as a beacon of innovation, showcased its strides in carbon neutrality strategies. From its groundbreaking HyREX technology to the Bridge initiative, which champions low-carbon practices, the company showcased its commitment to environmentally friendly steel production.

Notably, POSCO's participation at the UN Climate Change Conference and their upcoming international seminar on Decarbonization of the Steel Value Chain underline their dedication to fostering dialogue and action within the industry. Their ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, alongside the phased transition to eco-friendly facilities by 2030, marks a monumental shift in the steel landscape.


The Breakthrough Technology Conference illuminated a path forward for the steel industry, emphasizing unity and collaboration as the driving forces toward a carbon-neutral future. Chairman Choi's leadership, coupled with POSCO's groundbreaking initiatives, underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship. As the industry marches toward a cleaner, greener horizon, these collective efforts will remain instrumental in reshaping the steel narrative.

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