Pioneering Clean Steel: Cleveland-Cliffs' Hydrogen Triumph

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Cleveland-Cliffs, a leader in the American steel industry, has triumphed in injecting hydrogen into its mammoth Indiana Harbor #7 blast furnace, the largest in North America. Following a successful hydrogen trial in 2023 at Middletown Works, this achievement cements Cliffs' commitment to decarbonization. The company's ahead-of-schedule commissioning of the hydrogen pipeline at Indiana Harbor underscores its dedication to greenhouse gas reduction. With this cutting-edge technology, Cliffs not only leads in size and production but also in producing some of the world's cleanest steel.


In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable steel production, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. has marked another milestone in its journey to decarbonization. The company proudly announced the successful completion of a hydrogen injection trial at its Indiana Harbor #7 blast furnace, a colossal facility that stands as the largest of its kind in North America.

This achievement follows a previous successful hydrogen trial at the Middletown Works in May 2023, establishing Cleveland-Cliffs as a trailblazer in adopting hydrogen as a reductant and fuel source for its blast furnaces. Indiana Harbor #7, among the largest blast furnaces globally, not only dwarfs its North American counterparts but also holds its ground against similar facilities in Japan, Korea, China, and Europe. Its technological prowess supports the production of high-end steels, including specialized automotive feedstock.

The recently commissioned hydrogen pipeline at Indiana Harbor played a crucial role in facilitating this trial. Cleveland-Cliffs demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices by completing the pipeline ahead of schedule, below budget, and incident-free. The company's partnership with Linde, its hydrogen gas supplier, proved instrumental in the successful execution of this significant trial.

Lourenco Goncalves, Chairman, President, and CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, expressed pride in the company's pioneering efforts: "Indiana Harbor #7 is the largest blast furnace in North America, and we are proud of our ability to be ahead of the curve in using this cutting-edge technology to decarbonize, while maintaining both our efficiency and the high standard of quality that comes with steel produced via the blast furnace route."

Goncalves acknowledged Cliffs' leadership role in adopting various technologies to ensure the production of the world's cleanest steel. The company's utilization of iron ore pellets, natural gas injection, HBI (hot-briquetted iron), and now hydrogen showcases its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

As a leading force in the American iron and steel industry, Cleveland-Cliffs continues to push boundaries and set benchmarks for a cleaner, greener future in steel production.


Cleveland-Cliffs' successful hydrogen injection trial at Indiana Harbor #7 blast furnace not only reinforces its position as an industry leader but also signifies a significant step towards sustainable and clean steel production. The company's proactive approach to adopting cutting-edge technologies, including hydrogen, showcases its commitment to decarbonization without compromising efficiency or quality. Cleveland-Cliffs stands at the forefront of the global steel industry, setting standards for clean and environmentally responsible steel manufacturing. The completion of the hydrogen pipeline ahead of schedule and below budget demonstrates the company's dedication to achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets. In collaboration with its key partner, Linde, Cleveland-Cliffs has once again demonstrated its ability to pioneer sustainable solutions in the pursuit of a greener future.

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