Pioneering Green Steel: Outokumpu & Alfa Laval's Carbon Quest

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Outokumpu and Alfa Laval team up to introduce Circle Green stainless steel, a groundbreaking low-carbon emission solution. Alfa Laval commits to using Circle Green for its European production units' stainless steel purchases. This eco-friendly steel minimizes emissions and fosters sustainability in energy transition systems like heat exchangers, aligning with both companies’ green ambitions.


In a bid to curtail carbon emissions, Outokumpu and Alfa Laval have forged a groundbreaking alliance, introducing Circle Green stainless steel. This innovation marks a monumental leap towards reducing the environmental impact of stainless steel production. Alfa Laval, renowned for its expertise in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling, has pledged to adopt Circle Green for its primary European production facilities, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability.

The partnership's focal point is Outokumpu's provision of Circle Green stainless steel, encompassing Supra® and Core® grades, specifically tailored for Alfa Laval's heat exchanger production. These heat exchangers play a pivotal role in the energy sector’s transition towards sustainability, facilitating energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, and the utilization of heat pumps. With Alfa Laval presently manufacturing these components in substantial quantities and foreseeing future expansion, the integration of Circle Green fosters a considerably lower carbon footprint in these crucial energy transition tools.

Circle Green, hailed as the world's first commercially available towards-zero stainless steel, boasts an impressively lower carbon footprint, standing at up to 93% below the industry average. Outokumpu's innovative approach leverages 100% low-carbon electricity, employs recycled steel as raw materials, and revamps production methodologies to achieve such minimal emissions, positioning Circle Green as an exemplar of an extremely advanced circular economy model.

Thomas Anstots, President of the Advanced Materials division at Outokumpu, extolled Circle Green as a paramount climate solution, celebrating Alfa Laval's transition to this eco-friendly stainless steel variant. Anstots emphasized their shared vision of driving the green transition by empowering customers to reduce their carbon footprint across the supply chain. Notably, the widespread adoption of Circle Green production methods worldwide could potentially slash global stainless steel value chain emissions by a staggering 364 million metric tons annually.

The Circle Green grades destined for Alfa Laval encompass Supra 316/4401, Core 304/4301, and Supra 316L/4404, sourced from Outokumpu mills in Dillenburg, Germany, and Tornio, Finland. These offerings align with Outokumpu's mission to revolutionize stainless steel production, setting new benchmarks for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

In this era of green innovation, Alfa Laval stands as a global leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation, and fluid handling, actively engaged in sectors like Energy, Marine, and Food & Water across 100 countries. The company’s commitment to optimizing processes and fostering responsible growth resonates with their collaboration with Outokumpu, a shared endeavor toward sustainable progress and positive environmental impact.


Outokumpu and Alfa Laval's partnership heralds a revolutionary era in stainless steel production, with Circle Green leading the charge towards minimal carbon emissions. This groundbreaking alliance champions sustainability and sets a new paradigm for eco-friendly steel manufacturing. Through Circle Green adoption, these industry giants reaffirm their commitment to fostering a greener, more sustainable future for all.

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