Pioneering Ventilation: Lindab's Recycled Steel Saga

Lindab, a leading ventilation company, is now offering ventilation ducts made from recycled and fossil-free steel. While fossil-free steel
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Lindab, a leading ventilation company, is now offering ventilation ducts made from recycled and fossil-free steel. While fossil-free steel production is expected to scale up by 2026, recycled steel options are already available. These efforts aim to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of both the company and its clients.


Lindab has taken a bold step in reducing the carbon emissions of its products by introducing ventilation ducts made of recycled steel. The move comes as a part of Lindab's broader commitment to sustainability and climate-friendly technology. Steel is a material long favored for ventilation systems due to its durability, fire resistance, and recyclability.

The issue, however, lies in the high carbon emissions associated with traditional steel production. With the steel industry contributing about 7% to the world's total CO₂ emissions, the need for greener alternatives is evident. Lindab's new initiative is a response to this pressing global issue.

Interestingly, the recycled steel used in Lindab's products contains 75% recycled material, contributing to a 62% decrease in climate impact. This is a significant leap toward reducing the company's carbon footprint. Lindab sources its recycled steel from ArcelorMittal's steel mill in Europe and is in talks with other potential suppliers.

Lindab's CEO, Ola Ringdahl, emphasized the importance of these sustainable options. "We want to give our customers choices to benefit from the advancements in sustainable technology. Ventilation ducts are perfect candidates for being made from recycled and fossil-free steel. Given how much ducting is used in large buildings, this is a substantial step toward reducing a building's overall climate impact," he said.

The company also has its eye on the future of fossil-free steel. While large-scale production is still a few years away, with expected deliveries in 2026, Lindab has secured a test batch from SSAB for use in selected customer projects. This marks Lindab as the world's first supplier to offer ventilation ducts in fossil-free steel.

It's worth noting that these advancements go hand-in-hand with Lindab's ongoing sustainability efforts. The company is actively engaging with suppliers and clients to further the reach of eco-friendly products and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable steel use.


Lindab's move to offer ventilation products made from recycled and fossil-free steel is a significant milestone in the push for more sustainable building materials. While the industry at large still has a long way to go, steps like these signal a promising shift toward a more sustainable future.

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