Plannja Pioneers: Scandinavia's First Fossil-Free Steel Roofs

PlannjaImage Source: SSA


Plannja, a Ruukki Construction company, breaks ground by introducing fossil-free steel roofing for homes in Scandinavia. The roofing sheets, produced from SSAB’s fossil-free steel, will be delivered to OBOS's residential project in Björröd, Sweden, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. This pilot marks a significant step in reducing the carbon footprint of construction materials, aligning with Ruukki and Plannja's joint pledge to offer building products made from fossil-free steel.


Plannja, a prominent player in sheet metal manufacturing and a subsidiary of Ruukki Construction, is set to revolutionize the residential roofing landscape in Scandinavia. In a groundbreaking move, the company is gearing up to deliver the first-ever residential roofing products crafted from fossil-free steel. This pioneering initiative underscores Plannja's commitment to sustainable construction practices and aligns with the larger industry shift towards eco-friendly materials.

Scheduled for January 2024, Plannja's pilot delivery will feature roofing sheets made from SSAB’s fossil-free steel, a significant milestone in the realm of construction materials. The recipient of this groundbreaking delivery is OBOS, a leading producer of single-family homes with a strong focus on sustainability. The housing project in Björröd, Västra Götaland, will be the first in Sweden to boast roofs made of fossil-free steel, marking a paradigm shift in the construction sector's approach to environmental impact.

The roofing product, Plannja Trend, not only embraces fossil-free steel but also incorporates a bio-based color coating with Swedish rapeseed oil, providing an additional environmental bonus. This innovative approach extends the environmental consciousness to the choice of materials used in the roofing product. The housing project in Björröd, consisting of eight single-family homes, thus becomes a pioneer in adopting roofs with both ecological and aesthetic appeal.

Joakim Henriksson, CEO of OBOS Sweden, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration with Plannja, emphasizing the shared responsibility to reduce the climate impact of housing construction. The strategic partnership between OBOS and Plannja signifies a long-term commitment to efficiency in production processes while addressing the growing demand for sustainable housing.

Torbjörn Henrysson, Business Director at Plannja Steinwalls AB, highlights the company's ambition to lead the construction industry toward a fossil-free future. By integrating fossil-free steel into roofing and façade products, Plannja aims to significantly diminish the carbon footprint of the built environment. This initiative not only marks a technological advancement but also transforms the landscape of sustainable construction.


Plannja's venture into delivering Scandinavia's first fossil-free steel roofs is a monumental leap towards greener construction practices. The collaboration with OBOS and the pioneering housing project in Björröd symbolize a collective commitment to reducing the environmental impact of residential construction. As Plannja steers the industry toward a fossil-free future, this initiative serves as a beacon for sustainable construction practices, emphasizing both environmental consciousness and aesthetic appeal.

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