Poland: ArcelorMittal Ceases Krakow Tube Output

ArcelorMittal Tubular Product
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ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe announces the halt of tube production at its Krakow facility in early 2024. The decision, driven by market dynamics and a commitment to reducing carbon footprint, aligns with the company's sustainability objectives for a greener future.


In response to evolving market dynamics and a focus on environmental responsibility, ArcelorMittal Tubular Products (AMTP) Europe has outlined plans to cease tube operations at its Krakow production facility. This strategic move is a part of the company's broader initiative aimed at aligning business practices with sustainability goals. The cessation affects the facility's supply to construction, water distribution, and scaffolding industries.

AMTP is actively working to mitigate any supply disruptions resulting from this cessation. Alternative supply channels will be facilitated through other production units, including the longitudinal welded tube plant in Iasi, Romania. Additionally, the company operates facilities in the Czech Republic and France.

The decision to hot idle coke ovens at the Krakow site was recently communicated by ArcelorMittal due to subdued demand and a narrow margin between coking coal and coke prices.


ArcelorMittal's decision to halt tube production in Krakow stems from a strategic alignment with sustainability goals amidst evolving market conditions. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility reflects a larger initiative aimed at fostering a greener future. Efforts to ensure supply continuity through other production units emphasize the company's dedication to serving its clientele amidst these operational changes.

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