POMINI Secures Contract for Expansion of CSC's Rolling Mill

POMINI Long Rolling Mills, a distinguished supplier of rolling mill equipment, has been awarded a significant contract by China Steel Corporation, a prominent
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POMINI Long Rolling Mills, a distinguished supplier of rolling mill equipment, has been awarded a significant contract by China Steel Corporation, a prominent steel manufacturer based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The contract encompasses the expansion of China Steel Corporation's rolling mill facility, heralding a new era of enhanced capabilities and product diversification.

The expansion project aims to introduce straight bars to the producer's existing portfolio, which currently includes the production of bars-in-coil. This strategic move will empower China Steel Corporation to process square billets into round bars, catering to a wide range of customer requirements. The new bar outlet will handle round bars with diameters spanning from 18 to 55 mm, comprising various carbon and alloyed steel grades such as free-cutting steel, Cr, Cr-Mo, Cr-V, Ni-Cr-Mo grades, spring steel, and bearing steel.

To facilitate seamless production, a switching table will be incorporated, allowing the selection between the existing Garrett line and the new bar outlet based on the production program. Within the bar outlet, a specialized shear will be employed for hot dividing the bars before they reach the cooling bed. In case of emergency scrapping, an additional unit will be available. Given the high value of the processed steels, meticulous care will be taken to prevent any damage to the bar surface. A roller table with brake slides, featuring components with Anti-Scratch Design, will deliver the bars to the cooling bed. Moreover, movable covers installed at the initial section of the cooling bed will help retain heat and regulate the cooling rate when necessary.

Beyond the cooling bed, a cold dividing station will be equipped with a static shear and two abrasive cutting machines, ensuring precise and efficient bar division. Furthermore, a specialized device will be installed to remove short bars from the production line. Once divided at the desired commercial length, the bars will be systematically grouped, collected in bundles, and prepared for dispatch by being tied, weighed, and discharged.

The scope of work for POMINI Long Rolling Mills extends beyond equipment supply. They will provide comprehensive advisory services for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, in addition to imparting training to personnel for efficient operation and maintenance.

China Steel Corporation, founded in December 1971, is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With an annual output of approximately 10 million metric tons of crude steel, it stands as the largest steel manufacturer in Taiwan. Their extensive product range includes steel plates, bars, wire rods, hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, electrogalvanized coils, electrical steel coils, and hot-dip galvanized steel coils. Holding over 50% of the domestic market share, China Steel Corporation serves both domestic and international customers, with around 65.2% of its products being consumed domestically and the remaining 34.8% exported to destinations such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

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