POSCO Accords Worker Safety Highest Priority

POSCO Accords Worker Safety Highest Priority

POSCO plans to implement 6 major safety measures. POSCO CEO Mr Jeong-Woo Choi emphasized once again that safety is prioritized over production and

POSCO plans to implement 6 major safety measures. POSCO CEO Mr Jeong-Woo Choi emphasized once again that safety is prioritized over production and that safety is the top priority in all business activities this year. Mr Choi said “Safety should be guaranteed as the right of the employees Workers can request to cease operation if they are having difficulties securing safety or because of other physical or emotional factors. If production capacity is short because of the safety measures, employees should not be held responsible, but rather rewarded. We need to improve the system so that relevant departments can take immediate actions in case someone reports on safety issues. We must also make sure that safety related investments should be prioritized and executed promptly through fast track.”

6 Safety Measures

Establishing a safety first process

Implementing the right to reject operation

Setting up a safety report system

Expanding safety smart infrastructure

Improving safety management support for business partners

Strengthening safety education for employees

Accordingly, POSCO reaffirmed the policy of prohibiting all maintenance and repair work during facility operation, except in unavoidable cases, to put safety as the priority of steelworks production operation. In order to ensure the safety of workers, POSCO actively guided the right to stop work and allowed them to resume work after obtaining the consent of the workers.

A new safety report system was also introduced so that all workers within the steelworks, including employees of partner companies, can make reports in real-time through an application if they are requested to work in unsafe environments or find elements that threaten their safety.

Also, POSCO decided to further secure safety-related smart infrastructure. The company vowed to create sites without any safety blind spots with the supply of detachable “portable CCTV” and “Body Cam”. POSCO will also introduce “Safety Ball,” an item, which can identify the inside of a confined area before any operation.

On February 1, the Cooperative Safety Support Section was also established to provide dedicated support for the safety management of partner companies. The Section is in charge of various tasks that include relieving risk factors of partner companies, supporting safety operations, and providing safety information.

Safety training for POSCO employees will be further strengthened as well. The idea is to expand the use of safety UCC so that employees can easily understand safety rules on sites, conduct systematic training by external safety instructors, and foster risk management experts specializing in the steelworks process. POSCO will also establish a safety technology academy to support education programs that aim to improve safety capabilities.

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