POSCO’s Hyper No: Electric Steel Evolution

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POSCO, the South Korean giant, completed the first phase of its cutting-edge Hyper No plant, focusing on high-efficiency electrical steel sheets for electric vehicles and appliances. The $1 billion investment aims for a 300,000 metric ton annual capacity, enhancing efficiency and fuel conservation. POSCO's expansion aligns with global market demands, signaling proactive adaptation and commitment to sustainable steel production.


POSCO, a prominent South Korean steel conglomerate, celebrates the successful initial phase completion of its innovative Hyper No plant at Gwangyang Steel Works. This strategic move, begun in April 2022 with a KRW 1 trillion investment, centers on producing high-efficiency non-oriented electrical steel sheets, notably crucial for electric vehicles (EVs) and high-end appliances.

With an annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons upon full operation, the plant's current state yields 150,000 metric tons annually, featuring a thickness capacity of 0.15 mm. The imminent second phase completion, scheduled by year-end, will solidify the targeted annual production of 300,000 metric tons. Notably, POSCO already operates a 100,000 metric ton plant at Pohang Steel Works, emphasizing its proactive expansion efforts.

Hyper No's significance lies in its pivotal role, reducing energy loss in motors, thereby directly impacting fuel consumption in various applications, especially automotive and appliance manufacturing. This innovation stands poised to reshape production processes, aligning with global shifts towards sustainable and efficient technologies.

POSCO's successful phase completion underscores its commitment to advancing non-oriented electrical steel sheet production. The plant's environmentally friendly and high-efficiency characteristics align with burgeoning demands in EVs and premium appliances. The strategic positioning at Gwangyang Steel Works, coupled with the plant's scalable production capacity, reflects POSCO's forward-thinking approach to adapt to market trends.

The ongoing investments mirror POSCO's broader vision to play a significant role globally in the steel industry. Exploring opportunities, such as a potential North American plant, exhibits the company's proactive stance in responding to evolving market dynamics. POSCO's ambitious target to reach 1 million metric tons of global production by 2030 underscores its commitment to sustainable growth and industry adaptation.

Approaching the completion of Hyper No's second phase and exploring expansions, POSCO aims to substantially impact electrical steel sheet manufacturing. By catering to the demand for high-efficiency products in critical industries like EVs, POSCO emerges as a pivotal player shaping steel production's future. Its commitment aligns with a broader shift toward sustainable and energy-efficient technologies.


POSCO's Hyper No plant completion signifies a significant step in South Korea's steel industry. With a focus on high-efficiency electrical steel sheets, especially for EVs and premium appliances, the $1 billion investment aims to enhance efficiency and fuel conservation. POSCO's expansion aligns with global market demands, highlighting a commitment to sustainable steel production and proactive adaptation to evolving industry needs.

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