Powering Progress in Zimbawe: Dinson's Deal Boosts Steel Project

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Dinson Iron and Steel Company, in collaboration with Chinese firm Xian Electric Engineering, signs a pivotal agreement for the construction of a 400 Kilovolt transmission power line from Sherwood to Manhize, reports ZWnews. The deal, witnessed by Zimbabwe's Minister of Energy and Power Development, aims to fortify the country's steel plant project in Mvuma. The transmission line construction is anticipated to expedite the commissioning of a blast furnace later this year, marking a significant step in Zimbabwe's energy and industrial development.


In a significant stride toward energy and industrial advancement, Dinson Iron and Steel Company has inked a cooperation agreement with Chinese firm Xian Electric Engineering. The deal focuses on the construction of a crucial 400 Kilovolt transmission power line stretching from Sherwood to Manhize, providing a substantial boost to Zimbabwe's burgeoning steel plant project in Mvuma.

Led by Zimbabwe's Minister of Energy and Power Development, Honourable Edgar Moyo, a delegation is currently exploring collaborations in project financing, joint ventures, and technical support in the ancient city of Xi'an, China. The visit includes a tour of China XD Group, a power utility, among other strategic projects.

The signing ceremony between Dinson Group and Xian Electric Engineering marks a significant milestone in the bilateral cooperation. The agreement, witnessed by Abel Gurupira, the Acting Managing Director of Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company, outlines a partnership aimed at constructing the vital transmission line connecting Sherwood in Kwekwe to the Manhize Steel Plant.

This collaboration is poised to play a pivotal role in accelerating the operationalization of a blast furnace scheduled for commissioning later this year. The 400 Kilovolt transmission line serves as a critical artery, facilitating the efficient and sustainable power supply necessary for the steel plant's operations.

Dr. Sydney Gata, ZESA Holdings chairperson, expresses the power utility's commitment to supporting the cooperation agreement. He emphasizes the importance of establishing energy transfer capabilities with neighboring countries and outlines plans for a cable and conductor manufacturing company to contribute to transmission developments. The partnership with Dinson Group signifies a synergistic approach, with Zimbabwe providing materials and China contributing technology, creating a robust structure for regional development.

The Zimbabwean delegation also engages in discussions with China XD Group Chairman, Mr. Ding Xiaolin. China, having emerged as Zimbabwe's primary energy partner, previously funded the Hwange Thermal Power Station Unit 7 and 8 Expansion Project, solidifying the bilateral collaboration.

As Zimbabwe continues its mission for energy security and industrial growth, the cooperation between Dinson Iron and Steel Company and Xian Electric Engineering stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving progress in the region.


The signed cooperation agreement between Dinson Iron and Steel Company and Xian Electric Engineering marks a significant step forward in Zimbabwe's quest for energy and industrial development. The construction of the 400 Kilovolt transmission power line not only supports the steel plant project in Mvuma but also symbolizes the collaborative efforts between Zimbabwe and China. As the transmission line becomes a crucial lifeline for the forthcoming blast furnace commissioning, it sets the stage for accelerated operations and underscores the strategic importance of international partnerships in driving progress.

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