Protests Echo in INSIG in Ahvaz: Labor Unrest Intensifies

IRANImage Source: NCRI


Workers from the Iran National Steel Industrial Group in Ahvaz rallied for the sixth day, decrying poor working conditions, ambiguous contracts, and managerial inadequacies. Frustration mounts as the regime, fixated on upcoming elections, remains indifferent to their plight. Threats of layoffs, fines, and corporal punishments echo in response to the workers' demands, escalating tensions in the already tumultuous region.


In the labyrinthine streets of Ahvaz, a cacophony of dissent unfolds as steelworkers, undeterred by threats, converge in a rally demanding redress for their grievances. The Khuzestan Governorate, Ahvaz Governorate, and the formidable Bank-e Melli witness the fervor of the workers who, for too long, have toiled under the shadow of injustice. Their chants reverberate, a clarion call for change.

The protesters' mantra, "If our problems persist, upheaval in Ahvaz shall reign," echoes through the air, underscoring the gravity of their demands. Justice, a commodity in short supply, compels them to declare a voting boycott, a poignant symbol of disillusionment with a regime deaf to their concerns.

A backdrop of the past year reveals a crescendo in the frequency of protests by Ahvaz steelworkers. Their grievances range from hazardous working conditions to the precarious nature of their contracts, compounded by an inept management that turns a blind eye. The regime's response, a punitive cocktail of firings, threats, and judicial sanctions, only fans the flames of dissent.

September 27, 2023, marked a turning point as the judiciary sentenced 17 protesting INSIG workers to flogging, imprisonment, or fines. Undeterred, the workers persist in their struggle, embodying resilience in the face of oppression. Simultaneously, Gachsaran's contract oil workers add their voice to the chorus, rallying for reforms, fair wages, and the expulsion of parasitic middlemen.


As the sun sets on Ahvaz, a city enshrouded in the echoes of protest, the plight of steel and oil industry workers stands as a stark testament to systemic negligence. The regime's indifference, palpable in its pursuit of a façade election, has sown the seeds of discontent. The resilience of these workers, facing down threats and unjust sanctions, paints a resilient portrait of a community refusing to be silenced. The echoes of their protests linger, a reminder that in the face of adversity, the human spirit prevails.

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