Radiant Ambitions: Gonvari Solar Steel's Spanish Venture

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Solar Steel, a key player in the solar sector, has secured a new 125 MW fixed structure contract in Zaragoza, Spain. This deal aims to expand the existing photovoltaic plant and will use 6,663 dual-post fixed structures to hold 186,564 solar panels, furthering Spain's commitment to renewable energy.


Gonvari Solar Steel, a leading name in solar trackers and fixed structures for photovoltaic energy, has inked a new supply contract for 125 megawatts (MW) in Zaragoza, a province in Spain. This initiative is part of the province's ongoing efforts to amp up its solar energy contributions to the national grid. Solar Steel, celebrated for its contributions to Spain's renewable energy sector, continues to be a pivotal player in the country's sustainable initiatives.

The project encompasses 6,663 dual-post fixed structures designed to house a total of 186,564 solar panels. This expansion is built on an already existing and pioneering solar plant in the region, thereby bolstering the area's renewable energy infrastructure.

Solar Steel's mission has always been straightforward: to deliver innovative and sustainable solar solutions on a global scale. This new venture in Spain not only reaffirms that commitment but also fortifies Europe's reputation as a leader in the realm of renewable energy.

Collaboration sits at the heart of this project. By teaming up with other forward-thinking companies committed to environmental preservation, Solar Steel highlights the cooperative efforts needed to combat climate change effectively. This initiative sets the stage for a more promising and eco-friendly future.

The previous projects from Solar Steel also reflect this commitment. For instance, the company recently completed the supply of 42 MW of fixed structures in Tuscany, Italy. Those projects required 1,713 two-post structures that could hold more than 65,000 photovoltaic modules, substantially advancing Italy's journey towards a sustainable energy future.

From Spain to Italy, Solar Steel's influence in promoting renewable energy is undeniably significant. The company not only offers technological solutions but also catalyzes the broader transition to clean energy in Europe and beyond.


Solar Steel's new 125 MW contract in Zaragoza is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting renewable energy. As they continue to partner with like-minded corporations, they set the groundwork for a future that is both sustainable and bright.

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