Refractory Innovations Propel Indian Ironmaking

RHI Magnesita
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RHI Magnesita has launched a new business vertical aimed at supporting the Indian iron making industry. Announced at a conference in Kolkata, this move is aligned with the growth of India's DRI and pellet making capacities and aims to address challenges like decarbonization and productivity enhancement.


RHI Magnesita, a global front-runner in the refractory industry, has taken a significant step to bolster the Indian iron making sector by establishing a new business vertical tailored to its needs. The announcement came during a prominent conference on “Emerging Refractory Technologies in IF, DRI, and Pellet Making – Challenges and Opportunities”, which the company co-organized with industry associations in Kolkata.

The company emphasized its commitment to aiding the iron making industry in overcoming several challenges, including decarbonization, improving domestic refractory supply reliability, and boosting the productivity and performance of iron making plants.

Parmod Sagar, MD & CEO of RHI Magnesita India, addressed the conference, noting India's position as the world's largest DRI producer and the rapid growth of its pellet making industry. He acknowledged the capacity expansion of nearly 18% in recent years and projected a significant rise in line with the country's crude steel production. Sagar linked this industrial growth to the Government of India's Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative but also highlighted the challenges of productivity improvement and decarbonization.

The conference featured discussions on vital topics for the industry's future, such as decarbonization, safety automation, and production performance enhancements. RHI Magnesita showcased its dedication to driving refractory technology advancements in India and guiding the industry towards a sustainable future.

The event included insightful presentations from industry experts, who provided forward-thinking strategies and technological solutions. Topics ranged from pioneering refractory applications to enhancing productivity, with a focus on decarbonizing the steel industry.

RHI Magnesita also conducts roadshows across India, hosting interactive conferences to educate professionals on global technological advancements in the steel, cement, and iron industries. These sessions cover a range of subjects, including how to improve production processes, optimize costs, and integrate modern tools like AI, robotics, and thermal imaging for better productivity.


With the creation of a new business vertical for the Indian iron making industry, RHI Magnesita reaffirms its role as a key player in the industry's evolution. The focus on tackling key challenges and embracing sustainable practices reflects a commitment to shaping a progressive future for Indian iron and steel production.

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