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The Indian ship recycling market is experiencing stagnation, with steel plate prices not rising as expected and currency fluctuations causing concern. Meanwhile, Turkey shows slight improvements. Bulk Carriers and Containers trade above operating costs, unaffected by lower recycling prices. A shortage of U.S. dollar reserves and new government mandates are causing financial strain in ship-recycling regions, with hope resting on a stronger start to 2024.


As the effulgence of Diwali fades, the ship recycling industry in Alang resumes, albeit at a sluggish pace, with prices and market sentiment showing no significant improvement. The lackluster performance is not confined to India but is pervasive across the ship recycling markets of the Indian subcontinent. Despite expectations, steel plate prices have not surged, adding to the woes brought about by the fluctuation of local currencies.

Turkey, in contrast, exhibits a marginal upswing in its steel industry's fundamentals, with vessel prices seeing a slight increase. However, the overall market activity remains tepid, with few ships changing hands and deals progressing slowly. This slowdown in transactions is pushing back the sales of ships, as industry players maintain optimism for a robust finish to the year and a hopeful commencement to 2024.

Notably, Bulk Carriers and Containerships are trading just above their operational expenses, a scenario that ship owners, who have weathered the pandemic's financial storms successfully, find manageable. The relatively stable earnings from vessel operations seem less daunting against the backdrop of their accumulated pandemic-era profits.

The ship-recycling sectors in Pakistan and Bangladesh face additional pressures due to a dearth of U.S. dollar liquidity. Governmental restrictions on foreign currency use have led to a reluctance among banks to approve new letters of credit for ship recycling transactions. This financial bottleneck is exacerbating the already challenging market conditions.

Despite these headwinds, the recycling industry remains hopeful for a strong rebound, especially with the prospect of rising international steel prices. The anticipation is that a firmer market awaits just over the horizon, with 2024 expected to usher in a period of recovery and growth.

As we navigate through the 46th week of 2023, the landscape of demolition rankings and pricing reflects the current market disposition. India leads, albeit with a 'weak' sentiment, followed closely by Bangladesh and Pakistan, both subject to letter of credit approvals. Turkey's market sentiment is noted as 'improving,' a glimmer of positivity in an otherwise subdued market.


The ship recycling market is navigating through turbulent waters, with stagnant prices and challenging financial conditions. However, the industry's resilience and the gradual improvements observed in some regions provide a beacon of hope for a stronger market in the upcoming year. Stakeholders remain watchful, anticipating the turning tide that will hopefully bring about a more prosperous phase for the industry.

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