Resurgence Unveiled: Dan Steel's Metallurgical Renaissance

Dan Steel
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Dan Steel Group's pivotal wire factory, a cornerstone in Romanian metallurgy, finds new life post-bankruptcy. Intertranscom Impex SRL secures the facility at a public auction for €7.5 million. The triumphant bidder aims to reinvigorate production, transforming the factory into a primary employer in Beclean. This strategic acquisition not only signals economic rejuvenation but sets the stage for sustainable growth in Romania's metallurgy industry.


In a momentous turn of events, Dan Steel Group's wire factory, a linchpin in Romanian metallurgy, embarks on a transformative journey. Plunged into bankruptcy, the factory sees a beacon of hope as Intertranscom Impex SRL emerges victorious in a public auction, acquiring the facility for €7.5 million. This acquisition, orchestrated by CITR Cluj and Prime Insolv Practice, marks a significant chapter in the revival of a once-thriving industrial entity.

Situated at Strada Valea Viilor no. 3, Beclean, Bistrița-Năsăud county, the factory spans 406,606 sq m, encompassing the wire production facility and a myriad of derivative products. From hard and soft wires to welded meshes, nails, fence panels, and barbed wire, the asset holds immense potential for resurgence. The new owner's ambitious plan to restart production and elevate the factory as a primary employer in Beclean signifies a strategic vision for economic revitalization.

Andrei Besoiu, Sales Manager at CITR Cluj, lauds the comprehensive process that led to identifying viable investors for this metallurgical stalwart. This successful transaction not only salvages a crucial entity in Romanian business history but also paves the way for the efficient development of the metallurgy industry in the region.

The public auction, skillfully organized by CITR Cluj and Prime Insolv Practice on January 25, 2024, underscores the commitment to a transparent and rigorous process. The resilience displayed in salvaging a key player in Romanian metallurgy speaks volumes about the collective efforts dedicated to preserving industrial heritage and fostering economic growth.


As Dan Steel Group Beclean's wire factory changes hands, a new chapter unfolds in its storied legacy. The successful transition to Intertranscom Impex SRL not only breathes life into a dormant industrial facility but also positions it as a catalyst for economic rejuvenation in Beclean. This acquisition stands as a testament to the resilience of the metallurgy industry in Romania, signaling a promising era of growth and sustainability.

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