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Niger Extraction Company Ltd proposes a $300 million investment to establish a Steel Plant in Niger State, aligning with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s hope agenda. This initiative, disclosed by the Minister of State for Steel Development, signals the sector's readiness to deliver on its objectives and engage potential investors.


Amidst Nigeria’s renewed aspirations, the Niger Extraction Company Ltd has stepped forward with a promising proposal of $300 million to build a Steel Plant in Niger State. This initiative, unveiled by Minister Uba Maigari Ahmadu, highlights a pivotal step in fulfilling the nation’s steel industry potential.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Steel Development and the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) aims to facilitate targeted investor outreach programs. This effort seeks to engage potential investors keen on supporting the exploration and development of steel raw materials within the country.

Ahmadu emphasized the importance of forging partnerships, suggesting the possibility of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to bolster the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency’s (NSRMEA) exploration endeavors. These partnerships could involve private sector entities, mining firms, survey companies, and international investors to fund and execute exploration projects.

Dr. Mary A Ogbe, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Steel Development/Solid Minerals Development, expressed optimism about this collaboration. She underscored the Ministry’s commitment to translating the discussed goals into tangible outcomes, aiming to bring prosperity to Nigeria through the steel sector.

Aisha Rimi, the Executive Secretary/CEO of NIPC, highlighted the Commission’s role in assisting both incoming and existing investors in the country. Rimi assured full support to the Steel Sector, emphasizing the NIPC's commitment to facilitate foreign direct investment and provide necessary assistance.


The proposed $300 million investment by the Niger Extraction Company Ltd signifies a significant stride in revitalizing Nigeria’s steel industry. The collaboration between government bodies and investment entities highlights a unified effort toward fostering growth, attracting investment, and ultimately propelling the steel sector to drive economic prosperity.

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