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British Steel's Skinningrove Service Centre welcomes three state-of-the-art saws, a vital addition to their £26-million Special Profiles project. These advanced saws promise enhanced accuracy, tripled speed, and increased productivity, crucial for crafting specialized profiles catering to industries like forklift manufacturing.


British Steel's Skinningrove Service Centre is set to revolutionize its operations with the acquisition of three cutting-edge industrial saws, marking a significant milestone in the development of its £26-million Special Profiles project. Valued at £2.2 million, this equipment signifies a pivotal enhancement, promising heightened precision, accelerated productivity, and refined operational efficiencies for crafting bespoke profiles.

Scheduled for phased installation, the first of these cutting-edge saws is slated for deployment next week, with the subsequent two following suit in the upcoming year. This technological advancement aligns with the center's vision, aiming to augment productivity, bolster accuracy, and introduce intuitive capabilities in fabricating specialized profiles tailored to customer demands.

Anticipated to commence operations in 2024, this state-of-the-art center will integrate various operational facets, encompassing cut-to-length lines, product milling, machining, and warehousing functionalities. This comprehensive setup will substantially expand the capability to produce and process an extended repertoire of value-added profiles, specifically tailored for the burgeoning forklift industry.

The integration of these saws signifies a pivotal step in ensuring precision in crafting bespoke profiles, trimming down 14-meter length bars with crucial accuracy. With automation as its core, these new saws not only promise enhanced precision but also boast a remarkable threefold increase in cutting speed compared to their predecessors.

The forthcoming state-of-the-art milling and machining capabilities will enable British Steel to offer profiles boasting world-class tolerances as narrow as 0.1mm, underscoring the commitment to delivering top-tier precision and quality.

Stuart Webster, Centre Project Manager, emphasizes the pivotal role of these saws and accompanying product transportation systems, provided by Behringer. These advancements are poised to propel the Skinningrove Special Profiles into a new phase of market development, specifically in forklift mast sales, while significantly amplifying the center's capability to expedite production and meet stringent customer demands.

The Special Profiles division of British Steel is a pivotal manufacturer, producing 250,000 metric tons of specialized products across diverse sectors. Within this spectrum, catering to the burgeoning forklift industry remains a crucial facet, deemed as a 'profitable and growing' market segment.


British Steel's integration of cutting-edge saws at the Skinningrove Service Centre marks a transformative leap in their Special Profiles project. These advancements signify a significant stride towards heightened precision, amplified productivity, and expanded capabilities to cater to evolving customer demands in the dynamic forklift manufacturing industry.

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