Revolutionizing Furnace Maintenance: OEMK's New Machine

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OEMK, a Metalloinvest entity, acquires an innovative domestic machine for efficiently removing worn-out internal linings in metallurgical furnaces and steel-casting ladles. Costing over 48 million rubles, this high-tech equipment boasts enhanced reach and efficiency, reducing repair times and elevating maintenance quality.


The Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant, under Metalloinvest's umbrella, recently welcomed a cutting-edge domestic apparatus designed to eradicate worn protective linings from metallurgical furnaces and steel-casting ladles. This substantial investment of more than 48 million rubles emphasizes the company's commitment to technological advancement and operational excellence.

Featuring an impressive 14-meter boom reach and a hefty one-ton hammer with an impact energy of 1200 joules, the machine's total weight surpasses 28 metric tons. Its efficiency shines through as it swiftly removes furnace liners in approximately three and a half hours, elevating repair standards.

Sergey Zhimonov, Head of the Electric Furnaces Section at OEMK's Electric Arc Furnace Shop, highlighted the machine's improvements, noting its extended reach of one meter beyond previous models. This advancement allows the breaking of linings in hard-to-access furnace areas, ensuring superior repair quality.

Notably, the machine optimizes repair timelines by initiating protective lining dismantling immediately after furnace shutdown, even while temperatures inside can soar up to +700 degrees. Driver safety measures include heat-resistant shatterproof glass, an additional protective grille, and efficient illumination via heat-resistant headlights within the cabin. The ergonomic cabin is equipped with air conditioning, heating, and air purification systems, ensuring optimal working conditions. Additionally, an onboard computer governs engine parameters, pneumatic systems, and more, with the driver controlling all functions via intuitive joysticks.

Beyond its primary function of breaking linings, the machine offers versatile utility, including floor patching, cleaning steel truck platforms from slag and metal build-up, and removing slag from emergency pits using an additional bucket attachment.


OEMK's acquisition of this state-of-the-art machine marks a significant leap in enhancing maintenance efficacy, exemplifying a commitment to technological prowess and operational efficiency in the metallurgical sector. This innovative investment promises streamlined operations, improved safety measures, and elevated standards in furnace maintenance.

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