Revolutionizing Oil: Dopeless® Tech's Two-Decade Triumph

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Pioneering a seismic shift in the oil industry, Tenaris marks over two decades of success with Dopeless® technology. From its groundbreaking North Sea trial in 2003 to installations in 50 countries, totaling 65 million feet, Dopeless® remains unparalleled. Beyond eliminating traditional lubricants, this eco-friendly innovation enhances safety, simplifies operations, and significantly reduces the environmental impact of oil and gas activities. Today, Dopeless® 3.0 emerges, retaining proven benefits while adding robustness, over-torque capacity, and enhanced corrosion resistance.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy sector, where innovation often defines success, Tenaris stands as a trailblazer with its game-changing Dopeless® technology. More than a mere lubrication alternative, Dopeless® has become synonymous with reliability, safety, and sustainability in oil and gas operations.

The journey of Dopeless® began over two decades ago when Tenaris orchestrated the first commercial trial in the challenging terrains of the North Sea on July 15, 2003. At that time, the industry's reliance on thread compounds or dopes for lubrication during running and storage was ubiquitous. Dopeless® disrupted this norm by introducing a dry, multifunctional coating during the production process, eliminating the need for traditional lubricants.

Tomas Castiñeiras, Tenaris Technical Sales Director for Central & South America, reflects on the enduring success of Dopeless®: "Today, after all these years, the pioneering customers who first embraced the technology still rely on Dopeless®. That is truly remarkable."

Since its official launch in 2003, Dopeless® has left an indelible mark on the global energy stage. The acid test for this revolutionary technology came with the Snøhvit project, a Statoil (now Equinor) endeavor. Facing stringent zero-discharge regulations from the Norwegian government, Snøhvit became the first project to adopt Dopeless® technology for all its casing, tubing, and liners. Remarkably, more than 18 years later, the Dopeless® connections used in Snøhvit continue to perform flawlessly, buried beneath the seabed.

Gabriel Carcagno, Tenaris Research & Development Vice President, reminisces about the early days: "At first, production was almost artisanal. Dopeless® was exclusively manufactured at our Siderca and Tamsa seamless tubes mills in Argentina and Mexico. We invested, persisted, and kept adjusting and testing relentlessly. This has set our dope-free solution apart in the market."

The success and demand for Dopeless® technology prompted a global expansion of production lines, with facilities now in Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Scotland, Romania, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Ten self-contained Dopeless® technology units have been strategically deployed worldwide, capable of coating accessories and repairing pipes on-site.

A significant milestone in Dopeless®'s evolution occurred with the integration of Wedge technology after Tenaris acquired Hydril in 2007. Tomas Castiñeiras highlights the synergies: "During the integration process of both companies, Wedge and Dopeless® complemented each other very well from the beginning, enhancing the benefits of Hydril's technology."

Dopeless® technology has not only endured but thrived, standing as the most successful and widely adopted dope-free solution globally. Benefiting from years of field testing and real-world applications, Tenaris recently unveiled Dopeless® Technology 3.0. This latest version not only preserves the proven advantages of its predecessors but introduces additional benefits, including increased robustness, over-torque capacity, frictional stability in the presence of contaminants, higher maximum service temperature, and enhanced corrosion resistance.


In conclusion, the saga of Dopeless® technology represents a triumph of innovation, resilience, and commitment to sustainability in the oil and gas industry. From its inception in the challenging waters of the North Sea to becoming the go-to solution in over 50 countries, Dopeless® has reshaped the landscape of lubrication in energy operations.

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