Revolutionizing Steel: Baku Unveils Advanced Vacuum Degassing Unit

Baku Steel
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Baku Steel Company in Azerbaijan recently inaugurated a Vacuum Degassing Unit, elevating steel quality by reducing non-metallic compounds. This automated process ensures high-grade steel production for applications in defense, aviation, and more. The VDU minimizes defects, enhances surface quality, and positions the company to access new global markets.


In a significant stride towards innovation, "Baku Steel Company" CJSC has introduced a Vacuum Degassing Unit (VDU), bolstering its status as the foremost metallurgical enterprise in the Caucasus. This cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance the quality of steel by mitigating the presence of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen in the liquid steel during processing.

The VDU plays a pivotal role in the production of high-density billets, crucial for manufacturing seamless pipes resistant to intense pressure, predominantly used in the oil and gas industry. A fully automated process adhering to global technical and safety standards ensures the production of steel with fewer non-metallic compounds, meeting the stringent requirements for high-quality grades.

The advantages of the VDU are multifaceted. It significantly reduces gas content, preventing potential gas pores in the final product. The absence of oxygen in the vacuum environment safeguards against oxidation at elevated temperatures, preserving the purity and homogeneity of the metal. Moreover, the process leads to improved surface quality, resulting in smoother and cleaner casted billets, while minimizing defects such as voids or cracks.

As the quality of products from Baku Steel Company attains new heights, the company is poised for expanded global reach. Currently meeting high demand locally and exporting to over 20 countries, the strategic geographical positioning of Azerbaijan offers additional export opportunities. The commitment to maintaining and improving product quality positions the company as a key player in the international steel market.


In conclusion, the introduction of the Vacuum Degassing Unit marks a significant achievement for "Baku Steel Company." This cutting-edge technology enhances the quality of steel, reducing defects and improving surface characteristics. As the company's products gain global recognition, the strategic location of Azerbaijan opens doors to new export markets, affirming the company's commitment to delivering high-quality steel products.

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