Revolutionizing Steel Production: thyssenkrupp's Milestone Upgrade

thyssenkrupp Steel begins the groundbreaking construction of a high-tech slab caster and hot-strip mill in Duisburg, Germany. This


thyssenkrupp Steel begins the groundbreaking construction of a high-tech slab caster and hot-strip mill in Duisburg, Germany. This colossal project aims to enhance steel production, meet evolving market demands for stronger steel grades, and improve overall operational flexibility and efficiency.


thyssenkrupp Steel has initiated a monumental endeavor in Duisburg, Germany, with the cornerstone ceremony signaling the commencement of construction for a state-of-the-art slab caster and hot-strip mill. This ambitious project promises to reshape steel manufacturing, catering to the burgeoning need for high-strength steel grades and adaptable production methodologies.

Heike Denecke-Arnold, thyssenkrupp Steel's Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the project's pivotal role in accommodating evolving market requisites. The modernized facilities will facilitate the production of high-strength steel grades with heightened precision and optimized surface finishes, offering increased flexibility and availability for customers.

Collaborating closely with Primetals Technologies, thyssenkrupp Steel's comprehensive modernization plan involves the installation of a reversing cold mill, a hot-strip mill, and two continuous casters. These advancements are slated for completion by 2025, aiming to revolutionize steel production capabilities.

The project envisions a division of the existing casting and rolling line into a revamped caster and a modernized hot-strip mill. This strategic separation ensures the efficient production of high-strength steel grades and premium end products to cater to diverse industry demands.

The modernized 2-strand continuous caster No. 4 boasts advanced automation solutions for agile slab-width changes, improved surface quality, and increased plant availability. Additionally, the upgraded hot-strip mill promises reduced edge cracks, material waste, and enhanced product portfolios, catering to industries like e-mobility.

Featuring energy-efficient solutions and advanced automation, this transformative project aligns with thyssenkrupp Steel's commitment to sustainability. The implementation of state-of-the-art automation stabilizes strip production, ensuring consistency and quality across the rolling process.



thyssenkrupp Steel's groundbreaking endeavor, involving the construction of cutting-edge facilities, marks a pivotal step toward reinforcing its position in the European steel industry. With a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, this project promises to meet evolving market demands for high-strength steel grades, ensuring enhanced quality and adaptability in steel production.

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