Revolutionizing Steel: SeAH's ABB ArcSave® Sequel in South Korea

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SeAH Changwon Special Steel partners with ABB for a second ABB ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer, enhancing an electric arc furnace at their South Korea plant. Expected to boost efficiency and cut operating costs, this technology improves metallurgical conditions, reduces energy consumption, and holds promise for minimizing the carbon footprint in steelmaking.


In a significant development, SeAH Changwon Special Steel has entered into a strategic collaboration with ABB for the deployment of a second ABB ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer. The technology will be integrated into an electric arc furnace (EAF) at the SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel plant in South Korea. This plant, ranking among the global top ten special steel manufacturers, annually produces 1.2 million metric tons of steel and 1 million metric tons of steel products.

The ABB ArcSave® stirrer is slated for installation on an EAF with a steelmaking capacity of 100 metric tons, producing both carbon and stainless steel. Anticipated benefits include enhanced furnace efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and overall operating cost reduction. Similar deployments of ABB's stirring technology have yielded up to one percent higher steel yield, five to seven percent productivity increase, and three to five percent savings in electrical energy.

SeAH Changwon Special Steel, a major player in the automotive, energy, and shipbuilding industries, sees this collaboration as a pivotal step towards improving their steelmaking operations. Eung-Sou Lee, Director of the Production Division, expresses satisfaction with the ABB ArcSave's previous impact and anticipates further efficiency improvements.

The ABB ArcSave, in contrast to competing technologies, boasts a contact-free design with the furnace melt, delivering a comprehensive stirring effect and requiring minimal maintenance. The technology is expected to optimize metallurgical conditions during the EAF melt, contributing to a reduction in the carbon footprint associated with steel production.

Zaeim Mehraban, Global Head of Sales at ABB Metallurgy, highlights the positive effect ABB ArcSave has for high-alloy steel producers, addressing challenges such as bottom skull formation that can impact steel yield, furnace capacity, and maintenance costs. The new order, set for commissioning in late 2024, marks the second collaboration between SeAH Changwon Special Steel and ABB, following the successful installation of an ArcSave stirrer in 2018.


To conclude, SeAH Changwon Special Steel's partnership with ABB for a second ABB ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer is a pivotal move in advancing steelmaking efficiency. With anticipated benefits including enhanced furnace productivity and reduced energy consumption, the collaboration holds promise for cost-effective and sustainable steel production. ABB's ArcSave technology, known for its positive impact on high-alloy steel production, underscores the commitment of SeAH Changwon Special Steel to embrace cutting-edge solutions for a more efficient and environmentally conscious steel manufacturing process.

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