Revolutionizing Steel Sourcing: Outokumpu's Digital Odyssey

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Outokumpu, a stalwart in sustainable stainless steel, forges a deeper alliance with Metalshub, a leading raw material procurement solution. This partnership seeks to revolutionize Outokumpu's raw material sourcing by expanding digitalization from spot-demand to encompass direct-to-supplier and contract call-offs. The move enhances operational efficiency, standardizes documentation, and ensures a transparent, compliant, and traceable supply chain. Outokumpu's Chief Procurement Officer, Marc-Simon Schaar, emphasizes the strategic role of procurement in their sustainability journey, inviting raw material suppliers to join this pioneering digital venture.


In a transformative stride towards digital excellence, Outokumpu, the global vanguard in sustainable stainless steel, has fortified its collaboration with Metalshub, a trailblazing raw material procurement solution provider. This strategic partnership aims to propel Outokumpu's raw material sourcing into the digital realm, marking a significant evolution in their supply chain processes.

Outokumpu's commitment to sustainability is echoed in its role within the global supply chain, producing stainless steel for esteemed brands across demanding industries. The company is attuned to the expectations of its customers, who seek a traceable and sustainable supply chain. To meet these demands and fortify its commitment to sustainability, Outokumpu has stringent requirements for its suppliers, paving the way for a comprehensive digitalization of their supply chain activities.

From its inception, Outokumpu has been utilizing Metalshub for spot-demand sourcing through public tendering processes. Building on this successful foundation, Outokumpu has now engaged Metalshub to broaden the scope of digitalization. The collaboration extends beyond public tendering purchases, encompassing direct-to-supplier transactions and contract call-offs through the innovative Metalshub platform.

This strategic expansion is poised to enhance operational efficiency for Outokumpu, bringing about standardized documentation practices in collaboration with their suppliers. The move is not merely a technological upgrade but a crucial step towards ensuring a documented, transparent, and compliant sourcing process. Outokumpu recognizes the imperative nature of this shift in adapting to evolving industry standards and meeting the expectations of its diverse clientele.

Marc-Simon Schaar, Chief Procurement Officer at Outokumpu, underscores the pivotal role of procurement in steering Outokumpu's sustainability journey. In alignment with sustainability goals encompassing environmental, social, and governance aspects, the partnership with Metalshub becomes instrumental. Outokumpu views this collaboration as not just a technological integration but a necessity to fortify their commitment to sustainability, setting new benchmarks in the steel industry's procurement landscape.

Dr. Sebastian Kreft, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Metalshub, expresses pride in being Outokumpu's chosen technology partner for this long-term collaboration. He envisions digital solutions transforming the metals and mining landscape, unlocking value, and fostering a more efficient and sustainable future for the entire industry. The collaboration between Outokumpu and Metalshub is poised to become a benchmark, showcasing the transformative potential of digital solutions in the steel procurement domain.


Outokumpu's partnership with Metalshub marks a pivotal moment in the steel industry's procurement landscape. As the digitalization of raw material sourcing becomes a reality, Outokumpu is not just embracing technological advancements but reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, transparency, and compliance. This collaboration sets a new standard, illustrating how innovation and strategic partnerships can redefine traditional processes, bringing forth a more efficient, sustainable, and digitally empowered future for the steel industry.

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