Revolutionizing Steel: SSAB-Vattenfall Fossil-Free Pact

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SSAB and Vattenfall join forces in a groundbreaking collaboration, signing a letter of intent to deliver fossil-free steel using HYBRIT technology. This initiative expands on the 2016 HYBRIT project, aiming to transform the steel industry toward fossil-free steelmaking. Vattenfall, needing high-strength steel, plans to access fossil-free steel from SSAB's HYBRIT pilot plant, fostering sustainable practices. The collaboration extends to subcontractors, with Vattenfall targeting 10% fossil-free steel purchases by 2030. The partnership prioritizes sustainability calculations and life cycle assessments to ensure a complete fossil-free value chain.


In a strategic move toward sustainable steel production, SSAB and Vattenfall have forged a pioneering collaboration, formalized by a letter of intent. This agreement revolves around the delivery of fossil-free steel, utilizing SSAB's HYBRIT technology. The collaboration, building upon the 2016 HYBRIT initiative, signifies a joint effort to revolutionize the steel industry by promoting fossil-free steelmaking.

As part of this initiative, SSAB will supply Vattenfall with fossil-free steel sourced from the HYBRIT pilot plant in Luleå. The initial delivery is set for next year, with plans for increased volumes as production scales up. Vattenfall, in need of high-strength steel for various components, aims to utilize the fossil-free steel in diverse applications, including power line pylons, hydroelectric dams, grid stations, and structures for both onshore and offshore wind power.

A notable aspect of this collaboration is Vattenfall's commitment to work with subcontractors utilizing fossil-free steel. The company has set a target for at least 10% of its annual steel purchases to be fossil-free by 2030. Additionally, Vattenfall and SSAB will collaborate on sustainability calculations and life cycle assessments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint across the fossil-free value chain.

Christina Friborg, Head of Sustainability at SSAB, emphasizes the significance of the collaboration, highlighting the collective effort to reduce emissions not only within the companies but also throughout the entire value chain. Annika Ramsköld, Head of Sustainability at Vattenfall, echoes the sentiment, expressing optimism about using fossil-free steel to reach ambitious emission goals and lead the way toward fossil freedom.

Both SSAB and Vattenfall are key founders of the First Movers Coalition, aligning with the coalition's goal of embracing new technologies crucial for achieving climate neutrality. The collaboration signifies a step forward in electrifying society with sustainable steel production, contributing to the broader vision of a net-zero emissions value chain by 2040.


The SSAB-Vattenfall collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the steel industry's journey toward sustainability. By leveraging HYBRIT technology, the partnership not only addresses the immediate need for fossil-free steel but also sets a precedent for a comprehensive shift in the industry. Vattenfall's commitment to incorporate fossil-free steel in diverse applications, coupled with stringent sustainability goals, positions the collaboration as a beacon for others to follow. As the steel sector navigates the path to fossil freedom, SSAB and Vattenfall stand at the forefront, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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