Revolutionizing Steel: UAE's Green Hydrogen Leap

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Masdar and Emirates Steel Arkan's collaboration pioneers a green hydrogen project, aiming to revolutionize the UAE's steel industry. Expected to launch in 2024, this project employs electrolyzers to create 'green steel,' combatting carbon emissions and aligning with global net-zero objectives. The initiative marks a significant stride toward decarbonization, crucial for the impending UN climate conference, COP28, hosted by the UAE.


In a groundbreaking venture, Masdar and Emirates Steel Arkan have united forces to innovate the UAE's steel sector. This pioneering initiative, situated at the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, signals a shift towards 'green steel' production by utilizing hydrogen instead of natural gas in the iron extraction process.

The project's significance lies in its revolutionary impact on the steel industry, slated to reduce global carbon emissions by 7 to 8 % attributed to steel manufacturing. Scheduled for launch in early 2024, this initiative aligns with the UAE's ambition to emerge as a significant hydrogen producer by 2031.

As global industries gear up for COP28 in the UAE, projects like these, aiming to curb emissions without impeding progress, will take center stage. Masdar, with its extensive global presence and a target of 100GW capacity by 2030, plans to showcase this venture and other innovative projects at the Expo City, Dubai.

CEO of Masdar, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, highlights the pivotal role of this collaboration in reducing emissions while boosting economic growth and trade. The project echoes Masdar's commitment to renewable energy innovation, poised to demonstrate climate leadership during COP28.

Emirates Steel Arkan's Group CEO, Eng. Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, emphasizes the strategic partnership's significance, marking the steel industry's shift towards sustainability. The company's commitment to substantial reductions in emissions by 2030, aiming for net-zero by 2050, showcases a dedicated approach to sustainable steel production.

Both entities' dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions through innovation and collaboration underscores their commitment to shaping a cleaner and greener future. Emirates Steel Arkan's commendable strides in reducing energy intensity and emissions, coupled with Masdar's global initiatives, solidify their shared vision for a sustainable tomorrow.


Masdar and Emirates Steel Arkan's joint endeavor signifies a monumental leap in decarbonizing the UAE's steel industry. The project not only pioneers 'green steel' production but also symbolizes a pivotal step towards global net-zero goals. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, this collaboration sets a precedent for industry-wide transformation, echoing the UAE's climate leadership ahead of COP28.

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