Revolutionizing Weirton: Boston Metal's Advancement

Boston Metal, selected by the US Department of Energy, ventures into federal funding negotiations to establish a pioneering manufacturing
Boston Metal
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Boston Metal, selected by the US Department of Energy, ventures into federal funding negotiations to establish a pioneering manufacturing hub in Weirton, WV. Empowered by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, this transformative initiative aims to revitalize coal-reliant communities, fostering advanced manufacturing and domesticating chromium metal production, driving regional economic revival.



In a watershed moment, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has chosen Boston Metal to engage in negotiations for federal funding, paving the way for establishing an innovative manufacturing plant in Weirton, West Virginia. This significant initiative, bolstered by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and guided by the DOE and the White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience, represents a groundbreaking shift in reshaping the nation’s advanced manufacturing landscape.

At the forefront of this endeavor stands CEO Mr. Tadeu Carneiro, emphasizing the vital asset propelling this venture: a skilled workforce entrenched in the legacy of the US metals industry. Boston Metal's impending facility in Weirton signifies not only the establishment of a manufacturing site but also a monumental transition, offering advanced manufacturing employment opportunities in a region historically tied to coal mining.

This transformation is pivotal in localizing the production of crucial materials such as chromium metal within US borders, reducing dependency on imports and fostering domestic industrial resilience. The DOE, Secretary Ms. Jennifer Granholm, and the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains received heartfelt acknowledgment for their unwavering support in steering this transformative endeavor.

Senator Mr. Joe Manchin of West Virginia emphasized the significance of this milestone in Weirton, affirming its promise of new opportunities and investments, positioning the community as a trailblazer in pioneering energy technologies. It stands as a testament to the state's instrumental role in advancing energy and national security objectives.


Boston Metal's selection by the US Department of Energy to establish a manufacturing hub in Weirton, WV, marks a pivotal moment in reshaping the nation's manufacturing landscape. Empowered by federal support and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, this initiative not only revitalizes communities but also propels Weirton towards advanced manufacturing. It signifies a transformative shift towards localizing crucial material production and fosters regional economic growth, affirming the region's role in driving energy and national security advancements.

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