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Daystar Power, a solar energy pioneer in Africa, unveils its monumental 4.3MW grid-tied solar system at Rider Steel's Kumasi factory, Ghana's largest steel producer. The project, the country's largest industrial solar venture, boasts 7,524 rooftop solar panels, promising to offset 49,900 metric tons of CO₂ over its 20-year lifespan. Rider Steel embraces sustainability, expressing gratitude for this solar milestone, signaling a significant leap towards clean energy and a reduced carbon footprint in Ghana's steel industry.


In a groundbreaking move, Daystar Power, a prominent player in Africa's solar energy landscape and a member of the Shell Group, has successfully inaugurated a colossal 4.3MW grid-tied solar system at Rider Steel's Kumasi factory, marking a pivotal moment for Ghana's industrial solar endeavors.

The project, a beacon of sustainable energy integration, features an exclusively rooftop installation adorned with 7,524 units of high-capacity 580Wp PV modules sprawled across the expansive 30,000m2 factory roof. This installation not only stands as Ghana's largest distributed solar power venture for an industrial manufacturer but also a shining example of solar power's compatibility with heavy industry and grid integration.

The rooftop solar panels are seamlessly connected to a remote monitoring system, ensuring proactive maintenance measures. This innovative approach not only signifies the commitment to renewable energy but also emphasizes the importance of efficient operations and longevity.

With this remarkable solar system in place, Rider Steel, Ghana's largest steel producer, is poised to make a substantial environmental impact. Over the installation's 20-year lifetime, an impressive 49,900 metric tons of CO₂ emissions are projected to be offset, solidifying the venture's contribution to a cleaner, greener future.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO of Daystar Power, expressed delight at the project's scale and significance, showcasing how solar energy can power heavy industry while seamlessly integrating with the existing grid infrastructure.

Walid Al-Alami, Director of Rider Steel Ghana, conveyed the company's dedication to a sustainable future and expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort with Daystar. The 4.3MW solar facility aligns with Rider Steel's commitment to sourcing 20% of its electricity needs from clean and sustainable energy, reinforcing their role in promoting sustainable steel recycling in Ghana and West Africa.

The collaboration between Daystar Power and Rider Steel underscores the potential for solar energy to drive industrial transformation, reduce carbon footprints, and foster a sustainable future for Ghana's steel industry.


In conclusion, Daystar Power's successful commissioning of the 4.3MW grid-tied solar system at Rider Steel's Kumasi factory marks a significant stride in Ghana's industrial solar landscape. The project not only sets a precedent as the largest distributed solar power initiative for an industrial client in the country but also exemplifies the harmonious integration of solar energy with heavy industry. Rider Steel's commitment to sustainability, coupled with Daystar's expertise, heralds a promising era for clean energy adoption and environmentally conscious practices in Ghana's steel sector.

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