RINL's Resurgence: Blast Furnace Rekindled

RINLImage Source: RINL


RINL (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited) revitalizes its operations with a strategic partnership, restarting Blast Furnace-3 in collaboration with JSPL (Jindal Steel and Power Limited). This move secures crucial capital for raw materials, enhances steel production, and aims to cut losses while increasing revenue substantially.


RINL, in an endeavor to rejuvenate its operations, has embarked on a strategic partnership with JSPL, signaling the restart of Blast Furnace-3 (BF-3). Atul Bhatt, CMD of RINL, disclosed the successful MoU securing critical working capital support from JSPL, amounting to Rs 800-900 Cr for raw materials, facilitating BF-3's operation at a capacity of 2 lakh metric tons of Hot Metal monthly, commencing on December 30, 2023.

This collaboration ensures a steady flow of raw materials for BF-3's consistent operation while enabling RINL to supply 90,000 metric tons of cast blooms monthly from its Steel Melting Shop-2 (SMS-2) to JSPL. Additionally, this partnership forecasts an increase in RINL's sales by approximately 1 lakh metric tons of saleable steel, resulting in a potential monthly sales turnover surge of about Rs. 500 Crores, aiming to mitigate losses by Rs. 50-100 Crores per month.

CMD Atul Bhatt emphasized the pivotal role of trade unions and the workforce in supporting RINL's sustained growth and profitability. Addressing queries from the trade unions, Bhatt reiterated RINL's commitment to aligning strategies for the benefit of stakeholders, positioning the restart of Blast Furnace-3 as a strategic initiative to bolster production capabilities and improve RINL's financial standing.

Directors and senior officials, including AK Bagchi, Dr. SC Pandey, and G. Gandhi, graced the interactive meeting, affirming RINL's concerted efforts to navigate challenges and ensure sustained growth in an increasingly competitive industrial landscape.


RINL's strategic collaboration with JSPL to revive Blast Furnace-3 reflects a concerted effort to bolster operations and financial viability. This initiative not only secures critical capital support but also foresees substantial increases in production and sales, indicating a promising trajectory for RINL's resurgence in the steel industry.

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