RINL’s Unprecedented Triumph: Krishna's 50 Million Metric Tons

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RINL's Blast Furnace-2, also known as 'Krishna,' has reached a remarkable milestone by producing 50 million metric tons of hot metal since its commissioning in 1992. The achievement was celebrated in a simple ceremony, emphasizing the team's commitment and leadership in the industry.


A significant achievement has been reached by RINL with their Blast Furnace-2, fondly referred to as 'Krishna.' On October 25, 2023, this furnace hit the incredible landmark of producing 50 million metric tons of hot metal since its launch on March 21, 1992.

In recognition of this impressive accomplishment, a modest event was held in the control room of Blast Furnace-2. Sri Atul Bhatt, CMD of RINL, took this opportunity to congratulate the entire team involved in this journey. "This is a significant milestone for both the Blast Furnace team and the larger RINL family," he said.

During his speech, Sri Atul Bhatt emphasized the factors contributing to this monumental success. He pointed out that this achievement is a direct result of the collective dedication, unwavering commitment, and continuous hard work of all involved. "It’s a showcase of not just technological excellence but also of the strong will of every team member to set new industry standards," he added.

Sri AK Bagchi, Director (Projects) & additional charge Director (Operations), also addressed the gathering. He highlighted the leadership role that RINL has been playing in the steel industry. "This is not just a milestone for us but a benchmark for the entire industry," Bagchi remarked.

The occasion was also marked by the cutting of a celebratory cake by Sri Atul Bhatt, CMD, RINL, in the presence of other dignitaries. This gesture symbolized the collective joy and sense of accomplishment felt by the organization.

Sri NV Swamy, CGM (Works)-In-Charge, Sri R. Mohanty, CGM (Iron), and Sri Uddam Nag, GM (BF) & HOD also took turns to speak, each congratulating the team for their enduring commitment and relentless dedication to reaching this milestone.

In addition to the company's executives, several senior officials, representatives of unions, and workers participated in the event, reinforcing the collective spirit of the organization.


The achievement of 50 million metric tons of hot metal production by Blast Furnace-2, 'Krishna,' is a significant milestone for RINL. It signifies the dedication and commitment of the entire team and cements the company’s position as a leader in the steel industry.

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