Rising Floodwaters Halt Rhine River Navigation

Rhine River
Rhine RiverImage Source: GBA


Severe flooding along the Rhine River disrupts navigation as water levels surpass critical marks. At 7.50 meters in Karlsruhe, shipping between Iffezheim and Germersheim halts, with predictions indicating a rise above 8 meters, leading to anticipated extended closures and disruptions throughout the week.


The recent flooding along the Rhine River significantly impacts shipping operations. Water levels reaching 7.50 meters in Karlsruhe have already led to the suspension of navigation between Iffezheim and Germersheim. Forecasts hint at a further rise above 8 meters, prompting concerns of extended closures as the river reaches its peak phase on Thursday, as warned by the Waterways and Shipping Office (WSA).

The deluge is attributed to heavy rainfall and thawing. The stretch between Basel and Kehl witnesses a standstill in Rhine navigation. At 7 meters in Basel, vessels require tugboat assistance, while in Karlsruhe, closing the lock gates at 7.50 meters restricts access to the port facilities.

This recurrence, reminiscent of a similar situation three weeks ago, emphasizes the severity of the current conditions. Instances of surpassed floodwater marks in Mainz, Bingen, and Koblenz necessitate heightened cautionary measures for maritime operations.


The escalating flood situation along the Rhine River poses significant challenges to shipping, disrupting trade and transportation. The closure of vital shipping routes due to rising water levels requires immediate attention and preparedness to manage the aftermath of this natural event.

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