Roba Metals Unveils Circle Green®: Stainless Revolution"

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In December 2023, Roba Metals introduces Outokumpu's Circle Green®, a stainless steel marvel with a groundbreaking 93% carbon footprint reduction. Transported by an electric Volvo truck with DFDS logistics, Circle Green coils signify a commitment to sustainability. Roba Metals prioritizes European stainless steel sourcing to cut carbon emissions. The debut, celebrated by key figures, including DFDS's Steven De Caluwe and Outokumpu's Geert De Bleser, marks a significant shift toward greener stainless steel.


In a significant stride towards sustainable metallurgy, Roba Metals unveiled Outokumpu's Circle Green® in December 2023. This stainless steel innovation boasts an impressive 93% reduction in carbon footprint, surpassing industry norms. The launch of Circle Green coils, facilitated by an electric Volvo truck and DFDS logistics, underscores Roba Metals' commitment to eco-friendly transportation, aligning with their strategy to source stainless steel from European suppliers, minimizing carbon impact.

Ms. Naomi Sapir, overseeing legal and sustainability at Roba Metals, and Maurice Rothkrantz, helming Roba Metal Processing, emphasized the pivotal role of sustainability. They stated that the Circle Green coils not only augment the availability of CO₂-reduced stainless steel for existing clients but also mark a significant step in attracting new patrons committed to crafting stainless steel artifacts contributing to a sustainable world.

Mr. Steven De Caluwe, leading DFDS's Business Development, highlighted the virtues of their low-emission fleet, emphasizing the importance of environmentally conscious logistics in the stainless steel supply chain.

Geert De Bleser, the luminary leading Outokumpu's Benelux operations, underlined the strategic significance of the inaugural consignment of Circle Green coils to Roba Metals. This event aligns with Outokumpu's broader strategy to democratize access to sustainable materials across the Benelux region, educating sales teams on the manifold advantages of Circle Green compared to traditional stainless steel.

A denouement resonated in the words of Mr. Jean Luc Spire, Outokumpu's Sales Head for Western Europe, who hailed the Benelux debut of Circle Green sales as a certified Scope 1+2+3 low-carbon alternative. This groundbreaking stainless steel option boasts a remarkably low 0.5 metric ton CO₂ per metric ton of stainless steel, with the consignment to Roba Metals registering a mere 560 kg CO₂ equivalent per metric ton.


Roba Metals' introduction of Circle Green® heralds a transformative era in stainless steel production, emphasizing sustainability and a substantial reduction in carbon footprint. The collaboration with Outokumpu, marked by eco-friendly transportation and a commitment to European sourcing, reflects a shared vision for a greener future. The successful debut resonates as a pivotal step in making low-carbon stainless steel more accessible and demonstrates a collective dedication to forging a sustainable path in the metallurgical landscape.

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