Rudra Global Infra Products: Tragic Furnace Mishap Claims Lives

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Two workers lost their lives and three others sustained injuries due to a mishap at Rudra Global Infra Products Limited's steel mill in Sihor, Bhavnagar. Hot metal splashed from the furnace, causing severe burns to the workers, leading to the fatalities. The incident occurred in the early hours, resulting in the immediate demise of one worker while the other passed away later in the hospital.


In the early hours of Thursday, tragedy struck at the steel mill owned by Rudra Global Infra Products Limited (RGIPL) in Sihor, Bhavnagar. A horrific accident unfolded as hot molten metal unexpectedly splashed from the furnace, inflicting severe burns on five workers. Regrettably, this unforeseen event claimed the lives of two workers while the remaining three are currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital.

Mitesh Menat, Assistant Director of Industrial Safety and Health in Bhavnagar, shared distressing details about the incident. "The workers suffered burns from the furnace's splashed hot metal. Tragically, two workers succumbed to their injuries, while the three others are battling for recovery in the hospital," mentioned Menat.

Identified as Ratiram Ramdulare Prajapati and Prasutan Munnalal Chouhan, the deceased hailed from Uttar Pradesh. Prajapati met his demise at the scene, whereas Chouhan passed away later during the morning at the Sir Takhtasinhji General Hospital in Bhavnagar, as confirmed by a Sihor police officer.

The injured victims, namely Tulsiram, Raju Lalubhai, and Ramkishor Pandit, also from Uttar Pradesh, sustained burns while attempting to aid their colleagues. The intense heat from the molten iron caused severe burns, engulfing the victims' clothing in flames.

The authorities are in the process of initiating a case regarding the unfortunate accidental deaths.


The unfortunate incident at RGIPL's steel mill in Sihor stands as a stark reminder of the hazardous environments some workers face daily. The loss of two lives and injuries to three others highlight the critical need for stringent safety measures and constant vigilance in industrial settings. Our thoughts go out to the families affected by this tragic event. May this serve as a clarion call for reinforcing safety protocols to prevent such heart-wrenching occurrences in the future.

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