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Russel Metals Inc. announces Linh Austin's retirement from the Board of Directors and the appointment of Stewart Burton, a seasoned financial expert, to the independent Director position, enhancing the Board's financial acumen.


Russel Metals Inc. unveiled the retirement of Linh Austin from its Board of Directors and the induction of Stewart Burton as an independent Director, marking a pivotal transition in the company's leadership.

Expressing gratitude for Linh Austin's service, Jim Dinning, Board Chair, acknowledged Austin's contributions and extended well wishes for his future endeavors. The company embraces a new phase with Stewart Burton's appointment, a distinguished professional equipped with an extensive background in financial markets.

Stewart Burton, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Harvard University, brings profound experience from his 36-year tenure at RBC Capital Markets. Burton's role as Vice-Chairman at RBC Capital Markets, leading domestic and global banking teams, furnishes Russel Metals with a wealth of financial and strategic expertise.

Jim Dinning welcomed Burton to Russel Metals, highlighting the valuable insight Burton's global capital market acumen will bring to the Board, benefiting shareholders and strengthening the company's strategic direction.

Russel Metals operates as one of North America's premier metals distribution firms, emphasizing value-added processing across three segments: metals service centers, energy field stores, and steel distributors. Its expansive network of service centers offers an array of metal products, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty metals. Additionally, its focus on energy industry customers and large-scale steel distribution amplifies its market presence.


Russel Metals' leadership transition, bidding farewell to Linh Austin and welcoming Stewart Burton, underlines a strategic shift in its Board of Directors. The induction of Burton, with his extensive financial experience, aligns with the company's commitment to enhancing its financial capabilities and strategic guidance, marking a significant step in shaping its future trajectory.

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