SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant Shatters Production Records

SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant has achieved remarkable milestones in production, setting new day and shift records in its MM, BRM, and
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SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant has achieved remarkable milestones in production, setting new day and shift records in its MM, BRM, and WRM departments. These achievements showcase excellence in various areas, including the production of light structural materials and TMT bars. The plant's dedication and collective effort have led to these impressive feats, with steel loading records also being surpassed. The future holds promise for continued success in steel production.


In a display of unwavering dedication and excellence, the SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant has rewritten the record books in its MM (Merchant Mill), BRM (Bar and Rod Mill), and WRM (Wire Rod Mill) departments. These departments, along with their finishing mills, have achieved new heights in production, reaffirming their commitment to the steel industry.

Merchant Mill, known for rolling out light structural materials, TMT bars, angles, and channels, etched a new chapter in its history by setting a remarkable day record. On October 30, 2023, the mill produced a staggering 2,261 metric tons in the challenging profile of 75x75x8 mm. Not stopping there, the Mill went on to establish a new shift record by producing 693 metric tons (equivalent to 1,420 billets) of the same profile in the C-Shift on the same day. This achievement surpassed its previous best of 676 metric tons (1,380 billets) achieved in the B Shift on February 4, 2022.

The outstanding accomplishment of the MM department was acknowledged and celebrated by Anirban Dasgupta, Director I/c (Bhilai Steel Plant), Tapas Dasgupta, Acting ED (Works), and the plant's senior management. Their presence on the shop floor was a testament to the significance of this achievement.

Meanwhile, the Bar and Rod Mill (BRM) demonstrated its prowess by achieving the best-ever rolling record in the TMT 12 profile. In the 'A' shift on October 25, 2023, the mill rolled an impressive number of 622 billets, surpassing its previous best of 612 billets achieved on September 13, 2023. This achievement translated into a record-breaking production of 3,343 metric tons, eclipsing the previous best of 3,303 metric tons achieved on September 13, 2023.

The remarkable steel loading record of 23,930 metric tons, achieved on October 27, 2023, marked another milestone for the plant. This accomplishment surpassed the previous best of 23,252 metric tons. Anirban Dasgupta, Director-in-charge of the plant, along with Director I/c (BSP) and Anjani Kumar, ED (Works), extended their congratulations to the departments involved and encouraged the personnel to maintain their dedication and strive for similar accomplishments in the future.

These extraordinary achievements were made possible through the collective efforts and coordination of the dedicated employees of the respective departments. Under the leadership of their Departmental Heads, the plant personnel worked tirelessly to complete their tasks on time, resulting in enhanced productivity and the breaking of previous records.


The SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant's recent achievements in shattering production records are a testament to the commitment, dedication, and coordinated efforts of its employees. From the Merchant Mill's remarkable day and shift records to the Bar and Rod Mill's outstanding rolling achievements, and the record-breaking steel loading, these milestones reflect the plant's unwavering commitment to excellence in the steel industry. As the plant looks toward the future, it is poised to continue its legacy of success in steel production.

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