SAIL: Bhilai Steel Plant's Record Triumph

SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant
SAIL-Bhilai Steel PlantImage Source: SAIL


SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant achieved unprecedented milestones in 2023, hitting over 5 million metric tons in Saleable Steel Production and Loading. It set historic highs in hot metal, crude steel production, sinter production, and rail manufacturing. The plant excelled in rail, bar, rod, and special steel plate production, indicating an outstanding performance across multiple sectors.


SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant marked a monumental achievement in the calendar year 2023, surpassing numerous production records. Notably, the plant breached the significant milestone of 5 million metric tons in Saleable Steel Production and Loading, a first in its history, achieved on December 14th, 2023. This phenomenal feat surpassed previous records, reflecting the plant's exceptional growth.

The year 2023 witnessed the highest-ever Saleable Steel Production, reaching 5.26 million metric tons, significantly surpassing the previous best of 4.66 million metric tons in 2022. Moreover, the loading of 5.23 million metric tons for despatches set a new benchmark, exceeding the earlier record of 4.68 million metric tons in 2021.

In the domain of hot metal and crude steel production, the plant outperformed long-standing records. It achieved the highest-ever production of 5.93 million metric tons Hot Metal, eclipsing the previous best of 5.52 million metric tons in 2010. This included a peak production of 2.66 million metric tons Hot Metal by Blast Furnace 8, surpassing the 2.55 million metric tons achieved in 2021. Additionally, the Blast Furnaces set a new coal dust injection Rate record of 121 Kg per metric ton of hot metal.

The Plant’s Crude Steel production also soared to an all-time high of 5.63 million metric tons in 2023, surpassing the earlier record of 5.24 million metric tons in 2009. This remarkable achievement was made possible by Steel Melting Shop 3's best-ever production of 3.39 million metric tons of cast steel, including significant productions of Cast Blooms and Cast Billets.

The plant showcased its prowess in rails production with Modex unit, Universal Rail Mill, registering its highest-ever Prime Rail Production at 0.834 million metric tons, surpassing the 0.741 million metric tons achieved in 2022. The Rail & Structural Mill also recorded exceptional Long Rail Production, reflecting a remarkable performance across various units.

The Bar & Rod Mill excelled, achieving its highest-ever Finished Production of 0.969 million metric tons, while the Plate Mill set records in special steel plate production. These achievements highlight the plant's remarkable performance across diverse production sectors.


SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant reached unprecedented heights in 2023, hitting historic records in Saleable Steel Production, Loading, and various production areas. Achieving over 5 million metric tons in Saleable Steel Production showcases the plant's exceptional growth and operational excellence. Across hot metal, crude steel, rail, bar, rod, and special steel plate production, the plant's performance was outstanding, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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