SAIL's Eco-Revamp Initiative Unfolds

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Steel Authority of India Ltd partners with Ram Charan Company to tackle greenhouse gas emissions in Durgapur, Bokaro, and Burnpur plants, with talks underway for the Rourkela unit. The deal aims to convert emissions into value-added products and fuel, minimizing residue.


In a bid to address environmental concerns, Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) has forged a partnership with Chennai-based Ram Charan Company to manage greenhouse gas emissions in its plants located in Durgapur, Bokaro, and Burnpur. Discussions are progressing for a similar collaboration at SAIL's Rourkela unit.

The agreement with Ram Charan Company, wherein US-based TFCC International holds a significant stake, focuses on deploying diverse solutions. These include converting emissions into valuable products and fuel, ensuring minimal residual impact. While a SAIL official confirmed the partnership's existence, specifics regarding the investment required were not disclosed.

SAIL's initiative aligns with its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. The move to collaborate for emission management reflects the company's proactive stance in reducing its carbon footprint, aiming for eco-friendly operations.

Efforts to convert emissions into value-added products and fuel not only mitigate environmental impact but also align with circular economy principles, promoting resource efficiency and sustainability. SAIL's partnership signifies a step towards a more eco-conscious approach in its manufacturing processes.

The focus on repurposing emissions echoes a global trend where industries aim to transform environmental challenges into opportunities, contributing positively to both sustainability and economic growth.


SAIL's alliance with Ram Charan Company signifies a significant step in addressing environmental concerns associated with greenhouse gas emissions. The focus on converting emissions into value-added products and fuel demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices, marking a positive stride towards eco-friendly operations and resource efficiency.

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