Sajjan Jindal's Imminent Automotive Ascendancy

Sajjan Jindal
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Steel magnate Sajjan Jindal is close to becoming a major player in India's auto industry. He plans to acquire a significant stake in MG Motor India and Ford’s Chennai factory. Additionally, Jindal is in talks with Leapmotor to license electric vehicle technology. This move could reshape India’s automotive landscape.


Sajjan Jindal, a well-known steel entrepreneur, is making strategic moves to establish himself as a powerful presence in the Indian automotive sector. He is reportedly on the verge of acquiring a substantial stake in MG Motor India, a subsidiary of the Chinese company SAIC. Furthermore, he aims to purchase Ford’s factory in Chennai through a newly formed business entity.

MG Motor India sees Jindal as the perfect partner to expand its operations, particularly considering its difficulty in securing additional funding. The company had considered partnerships with other major groups like Reliance Industries and the Hero group, but Jindal has emerged as the most promising candidate.

In the current geopolitical climate, MG Motor has found it challenging to attract investment, especially from its parent company in China. This difficulty arises from increased scrutiny on Chinese companies amid India-China border tensions.

For Jindal, this partnership offers a golden opportunity. Aligning with MG and SAIC would give him instant access to a host of technologies and vehicle platforms, enabling him to compete effectively in both the Indian and international automotive markets. Initially, Jindal may secure over a 30% stake in the new entity, but that percentage is expected to increase after a planned IPO.

Both MG Motor India and the JSW group, which is associated with Sajjan Jindal, have kept details under wraps. While they did not provide specifics, it's clear that MG Motor is exploring ways to extend its market reach in India. Meanwhile, Ford Motors is looking for alternative strategies for their Chennai factory.


Sajjan Jindal is poised to become a significant force in the Indian automotive industry. His planned investments and partnerships could not only propel him into a leadership role but also offer a fresh burst of energy to a market eager for innovation and expansion.

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