Salzgitter's Blast Furnace A Ignites Anew After Modernization

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Salzgitter AG achieves a significant milestone with the rekindling of Blast Furnace A following a comprehensive 100-day modernization. The complete relining, costing over €100 million, ensures a secure pig iron supply, aligning with Salzgitter's commitment to low-CO₂ steel production by 2033 within the SALCOS® transformation phase. The overhaul involved renewing the refractory lining, modernizing process and control technology, and partnering with Pirson Montage AG. This strategic move fortifies Salzgitter's position in advancing steel production transformation, marking Blast Furnace A ready for its final production cycle.


In a decisive step towards securing its pig iron supply, Salzgitter AG proudly announces the successful rekindling of Blast Furnace A after an extensive 100-day modernization. The overhaul, commonly known as relining in the steel industry, represents a crucial stride within Salzgitter's commitment to low-CO₂ steel production by 2033 under the SALCOS® transformation phase.

The comprehensive modernization included the renewal of the refractory lining with 3,000 metric tons of carbon bricks and other refractory materials. Simultaneously, the complex process and control technology underwent modernization, positioning Blast Furnace A for enhanced operational efficiency. The substantial investment, exceeding €100 million, underscores Salzgitter's dedication to sustainable and technologically advanced steel production.

Ulrich Grethe, Chairman of the Management Board of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, emphasizes the significance of this modernization in providing the necessary security to advance the transformation of steel production consistently. With a secure pig iron supply, Salzgitter is poised to progress through the next steps of SALCOS® - Salzgitter LowCO₂ Steelmaking.

Gerd Baresch, Managing Director Technology Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, expresses gratitude to the employees and partner companies, acknowledging the collaborative effort required for the success of such a complex project. Blast Furnace A, commissioned in 1977 and relined multiple times, now stands prepared for its final production cycle.

The blast furnace, with an annual capacity of approximately 2 million metric tons of hot metal, holds a pivotal role in Salzgitter's ongoing commitment to sustainable and efficient steel production.


The rekindling of Blast Furnace A marks a strategic achievement for Salzgitter AG, solidifying its commitment to sustainable and low-CO₂ steel production. The extensive modernization reflects Salzgitter's dedication to technological advancement and positions Blast Furnace A for its final production cycle in the ongoing transformation phase.

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