Salzgitter's CEO Gunnar Groebler Secures Leadership Horizon

Gunnar Groebler
Gunnar GroeblerImage Source: Salzgitter


Salzgitter AG's Supervisory Board extends CEO Gunnar Groebler's contract until 2029. Since joining the Executive Board in May 2021, Groebler has spearheaded transformative initiatives like the "Salzgitter AG 2030" strategy, emphasizing the circular economy. Under his leadership, the SALCOS® program for Low CO2 Steelmaking has gained momentum, alongside robust portfolio management. The decision reflects confidence in Groebler's strategic vision, communication prowess, and commitment to advancing the group's transformation.


In a pivotal move, the Supervisory Board of Salzgitter AG has cemented its commitment to CEO Gunnar Groebler by extending his contract until 2029. Since assuming the role of Chairman in July 2021, Groebler's tenure has been marked by strategic foresight and transformative actions.

Heinz-Gerhard Wente, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, lauded Groebler's impactful decisions that have propelled Salzgitter Group forward. A notable achievement is the introduction of the "Salzgitter AG 2030" Group strategy, which places a significant emphasis on embracing the circular economy. This forward-looking approach aligns with contemporary sustainability imperatives.

One of Groebler's key initiatives, the SALCOS® - Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking transformation program, has gained considerable traction. This program underscores Salzgitter's commitment to environmentally conscious steel production, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Active portfolio management has been another hallmark of Groebler's leadership, reflecting a keen focus on optimizing Salzgitter's business interests. This strategic maneuvering positions the company favorably in a dynamic economic landscape.

The success of these endeavors has been complemented by Groebler's commitment to fostering dialogue with stakeholders. Inclusive communication has been a cornerstone, ensuring that all parties involved are aligned with and supportive of Salzgitter's strategic directions.

As the extended contract signals, the Supervisory Board sees Groebler as the driving force to further propel Salzgitter's ongoing transformation. The mandate is clear – advance with unwavering energy and determination, mirroring the vigor demonstrated thus far.


In conclusion, the extension of Gunnar Groebler's contract heralds a continued era of strategic leadership at Salzgitter AG. Groebler's visionary initiatives, from steering the "Salzgitter AG 2030" strategy to propelling environmentally conscious steelmaking through SALCOS®, underscore his commitment to sustainability and innovation. The Supervisory Board's decision signifies confidence in Groebler's ability to navigate Salzgitter's transformative journey with resilience and strategic acumen.

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