Sarralle-ArcelorMittal Pact: Eco-EAF Endeavor

EAFImage Source: Sarralle


ArcelorMittal Asturias partners with Sarralle to construct a new electric arc furnace in Gijón, Spain, as part of their decarbonization initiative. Anticipated to operate by late 2025, this 1.1 million metric ton EAF aims to produce low carbon-emission steel, primarily for rails and wire rods. The project aligns with ArcelorMittal Europe's commitment to slash CO₂ emissions by 35% by 2030.


ArcelorMittal Asturias' collaboration with Sarralle marks a significant leap in their decarbonization roadmap. The initiative involves erecting a cutting-edge electric arc furnace in Gijón, Spain, commencing civil works in early 2024. Once operational, this high-tech EAF will enable the production of low carbon-emission steel, catering specifically to the long products sector, rails and wire rods. This strategic shift aims to enhance competitiveness, especially in sectors with stringent carbon criteria for public procurement contracts.

The project also integrates the installation of a de-dusting system and waste heat recovery unit, augmenting energy efficiency within the new EAF. These measures align with ArcelorMittal Europe's targeted reduction of CO₂ emissions by 35% before 2030.

At the signing ceremony held with Sarralle, Philippe Meyran, CEO of ArcelorMittal Asturias, acknowledged the collaborative efforts, emphasizing the significance of this decarbonization program for the company's steelmaking operations in Spain.

Elías Domingo, CEO of Sarralle, hailed the project's uniqueness as Spain's inaugural decarbonization venture driven by native technology. This endeavor holds pivotal significance for Spain's steel industry, focusing on high-value products.

Jordi Torné, CEO of ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products, lauded the transformative impact of this state-of-the-art technology, fostering sustainable production of high-value rails and wire rods while prioritizing operational safety.

The strategic positioning of the new Gijón facility aligns with the European Union's Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. Anticipating a surge in rail traffic by 2030 and beyond, the facility's focus on low carbon-emissions steel stands as a testament to the EU Green Deal's objectives.


ArcelorMittal's collaboration with Sarralle signifies a milestone in Spain's steel industry, ushering in a new era of environmentally conscious steel production. The venture's commitment to harnessing innovative technology and sustainable practices underscores its pivotal role in contributing to the EU's green initiatives and fostering a cleaner, greener future for the steel sector.

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