SARRALLE: Polish Mill Amplifies Rebar Production



SARRALLE is set to initiate operations of a revamped mill in Poland by December 2023. The updated facility will have an annual capacity of 400,000 metric tons and will produce high-quality rebar and merchant bars with an expanded product range.


In Poland, a new chapter in steel production is about to begin with SARRALLE's launch of a state-of-the-art combined mill for rebar and merchant bar manufacturing. By December 2023, this facility is expected to commence operations, marking a significant increase in production capabilities within the region.

The mill has undergone a comprehensive overhaul at the hands of SARRALLE, a move that has effectively doubled its production capacity. With the expansion, the mill will now be capable of producing an impressive 400,000 metric tons of steel products per year.

Innovation is at the heart of this facility's revamp. The plant now includes a new finishing mill featuring cutting-edge housingless duo stands that can operate in both horizontal and convertible modes, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the production process. These stands are complemented by brand-new mill shears, a quenching box designed to manage the tempering of steel, a cooling bed, and a multistrand straightener for improved quality and consistency.

The production line is further equipped with a cold cutting area, an automatic stacker for efficient handling of the finished products, and an automatic binding area, ensuring the end products are well-packaged and ready for distribution. Such automation is expected to streamline operations, reduce labor costs, and minimize error margins.

SARRALLE's investment into this mill demonstrates a commitment to advancing Poland's steel manufacturing industry. It not only increases the volume of production but also expands the range of products that can be offered. From the construction industry to everyday product manufacturing, the effects of this increase in high-quality steel rebar and merchant bars will be felt across various sectors.

As the global demand for construction materials continues to rise, Poland's new mill is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in meeting these needs. The strategic overhaul is tailored to ensure the best quality output, keeping up with international standards and expectations.


The upcoming start-up of the enhanced mill by SARRALLE in Poland is poised to make a significant impact on the steel production landscape. The improved facility not only promises an increase in production capacity to 400,000 metric tons annually but also ensures a wider range of high-quality products. This development is a boon for the local economy and will bolster Poland's position in the global steel market.

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