Saudi Steel Triumph: East Pipes' Billion-Dollar Accord

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Saudi-based East Pipes secures a colossal SAR1 billion ($266.4 million) contract from SWCC, marking a pivotal milestone in Saudi Arabia's steel industry. The deal encompasses the manufacturing and supply of spiral steel pipes for key national projects. East Pipes, a major player in helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes, is set to complete the extensive contract within a 30-month timeframe, with the financial impact reverberating from Q1 2024/2025 to Q2 2026/2027.


In a monumental stride for Saudi Arabia's steel industry, East Pipes Integrated Company for Industry, headquartered in Audi, proudly unveils a contract exceeding SAR1 billion ($266.4 million) from the esteemed Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC). This landmark agreement underscores East Pipes' pivotal role in advancing the kingdom's infrastructure through the manufacturing and supply of steel pipes vital for key national projects.

Founded in 2010 in Dammam, within the kingdom's Eastern Province, East Pipes Integrated Company has rapidly ascended to prominence as a leading manufacturer specializing in spiral steel pipes. The company's expertise lies in helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes, offering versatile applications across transportation, water, oil, gas, and various other sectors, catering to a global clientele.

The extensive contract with SWCC is slated for completion within a 30-month period, as disclosed in East Pipes' filing to the Saudi bourse Tadawul. This strategic timeline positions East Pipes at the forefront of delivering essential steel infrastructure crucial for the kingdom's developmental endeavors.

The financial impact of this billion-dollar contract is anticipated to unfold progressively, leaving its mark on the financial landscape from the first quarter of the 2024/2025 fiscal year until the second quarter of the 2026/2027 fiscal year. This extended period signifies the substantial scale and enduring impact of the collaborative efforts between East Pipes and SWCC.

As Saudi Arabia continues its trajectory of economic diversification and infrastructural growth, East Pipes' role in this monumental accord attests to the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and contributing significantly to the nation's developmental agenda.


East Pipes' securing of a SAR1 billion ($266.4 million) contract from SWCC stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia's burgeoning steel industry. The accord not only highlights East Pipes' pivotal role in manufacturing and supplying essential steel infrastructure but also underscores the company's stature as a major player in the kingdom's development landscape. With a focus on helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes, East Pipes positions itself at the forefront of innovation, catering to diverse sectors crucial for national progress. The financial impact, spanning several fiscal quarters, further solidifies the enduring impact of this billion-dollar collaboration, marking a significant chapter in Saudi Arabia's journey of infrastructural advancement.

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