Sergey Karataev Leads NLMK

Sergey Karataev
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At an Extraordinary General Meeting, NLMK Group shareholders elected Sergey Karataev as the company's President and CEO. NLMK, Russia's leading steel producer, boasts a diverse range of steel products utilized across industries worldwide. With production units spanning Russia, Europe, and the U.S., NLMK sustains an annual steel production capacity exceeding 14.5 million metric tons.



Sergey Karataev assumes the prestigious role of President and CEO of NLMK Group following the resounding mandate received from shareholders at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting held on January 6, 2024. His appointment heralds a new chapter in the trajectory of NLMK, a distinguished name in Russia's steel production landscape.

NLMK Group stands tall as a vertically integrated steelmaking powerhouse and proudly holds the position as Russia's largest steel producer, crafting an array of steel products vital across multiple industries. From construction and machine building to powering the manufacturing of offshore wind turbines and power-generation equipment, NLMK's steel products play a pivotal role.

Operating across strategic locations in Russia, Europe, and the United States, NLMK boasts a robust production infrastructure that surpasses an impressive annual steel production capacity of 14.5 million metric tons, catering to diverse global demands for high-quality steel.

Sergey Karataev's election as the new helmsman for NLMK Group symbolizes a pivotal moment, poised to navigate the company's trajectory amid dynamic market landscapes and evolving industry needs. His leadership aims to sustain NLMK's legacy while embracing innovation and steering the company towards continued success and growth.

The shareholders' choice of Sergey Karataev underscores their trust in his leadership abilities and strategic vision, placing him at the forefront of guiding NLMK Group into an era marked by resilience, innovation, and sustained excellence.

The new leadership at NLMK, headed by Sergey Karataev, is positioned to reinforce the company's commitment to delivering high-quality steel products, fostering technological advancements, and fortifying its global footprint across critical sectors.


Sergey Karataev's appointment as President and CEO of NLMK Group marks an important juncture in the company's journey, signifying trust, confidence, and a forward-looking approach. As NLMK continues to drive innovation and expand its presence in key global markets, Karataev's leadership is expected to steer the company towards sustained growth, reinforcing its position as a leader in the steel industry.

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