Severstal Increases Consumption of Own Iron Ore in 2020

Russian steel giant PJSC Severstal will increase the consumption of its own iron ore raw materials in the production process to 90% in 2020, which is 13%
Severstal Increases Consumption of Own Iron Ore in 2020

more than in 2019 and 20% more than in 2018. Thanks to the development of its own raw material assets and the joint work of the upstream divisions, the company was able to significantly improve the quality and volume of iron ore production. Thus, a phased program for the Yakovlevsky GOK to reach a production volume of 5 million tons by 2023 continues. It is planned to increase the production of iron ore pellets at Karelsky Okatysh to 12 million tonnes of finished products per year.

In particular, due to the introduction of innovative technologies, the iron content in the iron ore concentrate of the Olenegorsk GOK in 2020 increased to 69% and the iron ore pellets of the company to 66.5%.

Upstream includes all raw materials enterprises of the Severstal company Vorkutaugol, Karelsky Okatysh, Yakovlevsky GOK, Olkon, coke oven and steel-making production as well as Vtorchermet and SPb-Giproshakht. These divisions form 70% of the cost of production, so the most important end-to-end task of this stream is to ensure the company's cost leadership through end-to-end goal-setting, common motivation and tighter coordination.

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