Severstal's Steel Symphony: A Strategic Note of Expansion

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Severstal orchestrates a strategic move, acquiring assets from Ventall to enhance metal structures production. The purchase includes facilities in Kaluga, Tula, and Cherepovets, with a collective capacity propelling production to 126,000 metric tons yearly. Severstal Steel Solutions and Ventall Steel Solutions contribute 48,000 metric tons each, supplemented by 30,000 metric tons from the Cherepovets complex post-investment. Focused on strengthening domestic and international markets, Severstal aims to harmonize existing business relationships while contemplating modernization possibilities.


Severstal, a key player in the steel industry, is composing a strategic crescendo by acquiring assets from Ventall, a move set to fortify its footprint in metal structures production. The recently acquired facilities in Kaluga, Tula, and Cherepovets are poised to elevate Severstal's annual metal structures output to an impressive 126,000 metric tons.

The strategic distribution of production responsibilities unfolds as Severstal Steel Solutions and Ventall Steel Solutions contribute 48,000 metric tons each to the collective output. A significant portion of Ventall's production will be directed towards the Russian domestic market, leveraging its historical strength in supplying steel structures for construction projects domestically and within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Anastasia Mishanina, Head of Investor Relations and Communications at Severstal, emphasizes the company's commitment not only to retain Ventall's established market share but also to fortify relationships with key partners amid the evolving configuration of their metal structures assets.

The acquisition includes a production complex in Cherepovets, previously housing the Cherepovets Metal Structures Plant. Severstal plans a rejuvenation initiative, investing over 1 billion rubles to renew capacity, repair infrastructure, and introduce new equipment. The facility, now named Severstal Steel Structures, anticipates commencing production in the second half of 2024, creating approximately 500 new jobs.

While current plans do not involve additional investments in the acquired Ventall assets, Severstal remains open to potential modernization endeavors, recognizing the importance of staying technologically competitive and economically efficient.

This strategic symphony orchestrated by Severstal reflects a forward-looking approach, blending acquisition with potential modernization to fortify its presence in the dynamic metal structures market.


Severstal's strategic acquisition of Ventall's assets signals a bold move to amplify its influence in metal structures production. The synchronized contribution from Severstal Steel Solutions, Ventall Steel Solutions, and the Cherepovets complex underscores a concerted effort to bolster annual output to 126,000 metric tons. With a focus on both domestic and international markets, Severstal aims to maintain and enhance existing business relationships, showcasing a strategic vision for sustained growth in the metal structures sector.

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